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    interesting, we didn't change the contrast but obviously something is messing with the gamma. we need to investigate that further. as for the 1px black dots, are there always in the same place, could you pls post a screenshot?

    thanks, marc

    Yes, the dots are always in the same place. The white ones only appear when I drag the filter little square to that spot, and the white dot will appear.

    I have posted an image and I circled all the dots which I found. I am using the snow, in FL Studio, so I cannot confirm if it happens with other viruses and with other hosts.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Why dont u show us some samples of the difference using the same patch? because without any evidence its just rumors :)

    Quote from Timo

    Use the cursor keys on your (computer) keyboard.


    Im pressing them but they dont do anything. Am I supposed to press them while in the browser and a patch is selected? Im I supposed to press them when in the easy page? Tried everything, they dont seem to do anything. Im using FL Studio. Perhaps it only works in other hosts?

    Finally managed to install it. this is what I did.

    Unplug your virus, so your computer does not see it. Start the installation it says plug in the virus but dont do it. After installation, start the Virus Control center it starts installing again, but still do not plug in your virus. After the installation is complete start the Virus Control Center, and it will tell you that you need to update the virus, so do it. Then hopefully everything will work.

    I did wanna install this, because I was afraid it would screw up my Virus, but since some people managed to install this, I thought Ill give a shot, installed it, and it gave me the prematurely ended error, and didnt install. I had to reinstall the old 3.3.00 driver to get it working.

    Its interesting how some people get it to work and some dont. Did the people who had before cant get it working, or the people who can get it working had other version like

    I have Win7 32bit, and I cant get it to install.

    I havent installed this yet, Ill wait until some admins tell us what the problem is. I hope the windows 7 gui issues will be solved shortly.

    Just a little feature request:
    The virus is famous for its tremendous amounts of patches, but the way it handles them is a little bit tedious. What I mean is browsing through patches is really a pain. There is no quick "next or previous" buttons, and the virus doesnt publish its preset list in the vst, so one cant even use the previous, next buttons in the hosts vst wrapper.
    I hope we can get some buttons in the easy page, to go thgouth patches, or use the mouse scroll wheel to change to the next patch in the browser rather than double clicking on each sound in the bank. Unless I have missed something and there is a method that I dont know of.