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    The knob test mode is reached when the Virus is booted with both "env mode" keys pressed. My guess is that the connection between the two PCBs isn't working properly. I'd suggest unplugging the Virus, opening the case and unplugging the ribbon cable that connects the main board with the button/LED board, then plugging the cable back in.

    Chances are the issue may be gone if you then close the Virus again and power it up. If that doesn't fix it, I'd replace the battery (which unfortunately erases all user patches since they only exist in the battery-backed RAM). If that still doesn't fix it, there's a real hardware issue.

    The TI2 has two DSPs, one handling the odd MIDI channels and the other handling the even ones. What you write suggests that the second DSP isn't working.

    With that, I'd like you to forego the aura plugin and test what happens when you send MIDI notes to channel 2 in multi or sequencer mode. Do they sound?

    Also, does the demo play and sound correctly when you press the two buttons for it?

    > MIDI from NI S88 Mk2

    How did you measure the latency in this scenario?

    Since all other scenarios include USB in some way, I'd suspect USB latency to play a role. With plain MIDI the latency should be gone, which is why I'd be very surprised if controlling the Virus from a MIDI controller still shows latency issues.

    While I agree with the sentiment and criticism of Korg/Roland, I'd like to point out that Access was particularly great in the past. They kept giving free updates to the Virus owners long after the models were released. It's only after they began focusing on the Kemper Amp that the Virus models stopped receiving updates. A bad business decision from my point of view since they lost a lot of customer loyalty this way, but their previous update policy was definitely outstanding before.

    Do you have a scope you can use to observe the 5V rail? Maybe there's excessive noise on the rail that causes these issues.

    Does the high pitch noise come from one of the coils or is it emitted through the audio out? Either way it suggests unstable regulation, so I wonder whether the cap used for the LM2575 has sufficiently low ESR. Can you show me which cap you ordered/used? Also, do any of the caps become warm?

    I wouldn't be concerned about the extra 100mV. I would however advise against changing ICs for no good reason because depending on where you source your replacements from, you may end up replacing a working good quality IC with a Chinese fake without realizing it.

    With the current information, the issue with the controls sounds like an issue with the external power supply introducing an unwanted current path through ground. Have you tried a different external power supply, ideally one with an earthed plug?

    Also, does it make a difference whether you run the Virus plugged in only to the power supply vs. also having it connected to the rest of your audio chain (audio/midi)? The grounding situation may be different in both cases.

    Hard to say without hearing/seeing what you mean, honestly. My personal guess is that someone opened the unit to "fix" something and either wasn't able to accomplish what they set out to do or made it worse. The wheels not working is likely a cable not being plugged in (properly) since there's a dedicated cable running to the wheel assembly.

    Does the warranty label indicate that the TI has been opened up?

    I'd open it up, take the keybed out, remove the PCB with the diodes so I can access the grey rubber pads on the other side. Then carefully take them off and clean the contact surfaces with soapy water and rinse with distilled water.

    Are the 2 keys next to each other?

    > i was wondering if dimming the panel LED's is not putting extra strain on voltage regulators as well?

    No, it reduces the load by a tiny amount actually.

    > plugged a 5A/250V supply into my Access Virus Ti2.

    250V is rather unlikely. What voltage did it have? 5V?

    > It was working fine which is why I never noticed

    If it was indeed 5V then I'm not surprised it worked.

    > and then I realised a strange noise coming from my synth

    Probably the inductors from the internal switching power supply operating at a different frequency than normal, nothing I'd lose sleep over. Do describe the sound you heard, though.

    > Got a light shock off the synth

    That's because of the unearthed power supply you were using, that's unfortunately normal and nothing to be concerned about. The voltage can reach 100V but can only supply extremely low current through high impedance which is why no damage is done.

    > I have left the usual supply at a studio so I can't plug it back in to test if its survived.

    That's okay, the TI2 will be just fine and if it has indeed been working with the 5V supply then I see no harm continuing to use it this way. Depends on the "strange sound", though.

    > Does anyone know if this will have ruined my synth??

    Again, depends on the sound. I see no reason why anything would break, however, so I'm optimistic that it's fine.