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    3 was regarding what I wanted that's all... not a definitive number.

    Hint: Load the sample mp3 into audacity or your favourite wave editor. Show the sample mp3 in spectral view. It should be pretty obvious on some of the stuff that is in there especially in conjunction with listening to it. :-D

    Hopefully I haven't said too much with the above approach (like letting the ENTIRE cat out of the bag.)

    wow, I loaded it up in my spectrum analyzer, I see what you mean... very cool!

    spectrum screenshot

    So this issue persists... Even in Live now.

    Atomizer will work for awhile, and the suddenly stop. Sometimes all you need to do is restart the virus and the daw, but more often than not I have to completely restart my computer. Very annoying.

    OSX 10.4.11 latest versions of logic and live and virus os3.3.0 beta, as per the reccomendation in this thread

    I'm glad someone sees my point of view clearly! I was starting to think I was being too demanding... as everyone else seems rather indifferent about it.

    The multiple plugin idea is great... I wonder how hard that would truly be? The tricky question though, would be how to handle the USB audio, since it is limited to 3 stereo outs. I guess there could be the Virus Main plugin, and then the Virus Part plugins?

    But yeah... I suppose this is mostly on Ableton. I made a post on their forums as well, but no one responded, and it was quickly buried among other posts.

    My entire reason for investing in hardware, is to be able to perform with it in real time. As you said... there are certainly many instances of me wanting to use a plugin, just because it's easier... but then I am limiting myself in the long term by not being able to build my tracks upon an interactive performance setup.

    I do feel a bit like the names "Live" and "Total Integration" are deceiving. I can't record clip automation on the fly in Live, and the TI is obviously not TOTALLY integrated.

    But, I don't want to come off as just complaining... I do love this synth, and I am enjoying Ableton... but I'm just frustrated by what seems to be major limitations.

    I had problems right after installing as well.

    Firstly, the atomizor no longer works in Logic 9.02. If it is on input mode, it works fine... but as soon as I switch to atomizor, there is silence. I've tried loading other atomizor patches, restarting the virus, logic, and the computer, and taking out the chords of the virus, and pressing arp edit on startup. no luck.

    I tried using the atomozior in the latest version of live, and it works fine.

    also, I used to be able to restart the virus while logic was open.... it would then reload the VC. now, it gets stuck about halfway, through (with the little white status thingys in the VC). I have to fully quit logic, restart the virus, and then open logic again.


    Ok, now the atomizor doesn't even work. it works for those first few minutes, and then went silent.

    if i put the virus on input mode, just to run FX, it works... but as soon as I put the atomizor on, the audio drops out.

    ive tried restarting everything (computer, logic, virus).

    edit: I just tried it in Live... it works fine. For some reason it will NOT work in Logic. Agh!?

    No, I actually get it very clearly... it's just that the features I would like, aren't implemented.

    Also, I'm aware that recording to session view isn't availible, but I didn't say I wanted that. I said I draw a lot of my clip envelopes manually... while recording them would obviously be nice, I'm aware that's a Live issue, and a big one that might not be fixed.

    I really don't want to use the arrangement view... I have Logic, and I'm very fluent in it... I'm not looking for a new DAW... what grabbed me about Live, would be the ability to play the software.... live. I want to make entire sessions that are all just clips that I could trigger off in real time, so my entire workflow in Live revolves around the session view. Having all of that automation only on the VC track is useless... whenever I triggered a clip on the VC track, ALL the automations would change, for every part on the Virus. They need to be independent.

    Now, certainly I can just assign MIDI ccs, and that will achieve what I'm trying to do... but workflow-wise, it's a total buzz kill. Like I said, I don't want to reference CC assignments every time I want to add/change a parameters automation. I just want to go to the drop down menu in a clip envelop, and see all the names for all the parameters, select it, draw it, and be done. New clip, new material/automations.

    But, it just isn't so, so I'll have to alter my approach. Unfortunate, but there are much greater tragedies in the world...

    Also, I'm skeptical about the Max For Live add on, adding session view automation. It's been such an in demand feature, that ableton would have been advertising that by now... I'm sure people would upgrade to M4L for that alone.

    Now if you mean the flexibility of Max may allow for some other approach to recording automation... that may be... but again, I doubt it is Session View Automation, in the most straightforward sense/implementation.

    I'd love to be wrong on that though....