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    I guess I just have a very different approach to making music. I like to draw my automation a lot, and within the clips themselves. Having a drop down list of CC#s that I have to remember which is which, is way too cumbersome to me. I want to see in that list "filter 2 resonance" not "CC#x". It slows me down.

    Also, I'm not exactly sure why step 7 is different than step 6? Is it because filter cutoff 2 doesnt have a CC assigned to it? If so, again, that's extra busy work that takes me out of my zone. Hence my desire to have full total integration...

    Anyways, thank you for taking the time to write that out.

    actually, it seems a little more random than just when changing the distortion... can't quite figure out the pattern.

    Is anyone have any similar issues when using the atomizor, at all?

    I'm running

    When I am using the atomizor in Logic 9, and I am changing distortion types, atomizor freaks out, and the audio cuts. I have to restart the virus every time.

    Very annoying... anyone else have the same problem?

    Im doing spdif in and out.

    Yeah, I figured it was probably something to do with both.... how ableton handles multi instrument plugins, and thus how access approached implementing it.

    the fact that you've even responded to this, and hinted at bring it up with them makes me giddy.

    I love this company (access)!

    thank you!

    well, to use the virus in ableton, you have the channel strip with the VC loaded. (this channel has the main USB outputs, and functions as MIDI channel 1. if you create a clip on this track, you can access all of the automatable paramaters in the clip envelope view) any additional MIDI channels that you want to play/control on the virus, you have to make a new MIDI channel in Live that sends MIDI info to the VC track. (example: track one has Virus Control. Track 2 would be a standard MIDI track in ableton, and you would assign it's output to Track 1: VC, MIDI chan 2" this means that if you want to make, say, a clip envelop that modulates the virus filter on virus channel 2, instead of "Virus (2): Filter" being an option in the clip envelop section on track 2, you merely have a list of cc#s, that you would have to assign either in the virus mod matrix, or by referencing the MIDI chart of standard midi mappings on the virus.

    does that make sense?

    I'm sure this has been discussed here, but I didnt find anything doing a search...

    ... so what is the deal with the horrible Ableton integration? Is it on Access, Ableton, or a combination of the two just not being written in a way that supports actual integration?

    I'd really like to use Live much more than I do, but having to do all the automations on one track is beyond frustrating, not to mention the inability to make clip envelop automations on each part, without using midi CCs.

    sure there are MIDI ccs, but it such a flow breaker...

    I feel like I have 2 awesome tools at my hands, that when combined, are basically useless.

    Does anyone have any insight into where to fundamental problem lies? Just out of curiosity...

    I would also like to see the oscs as sources in the mod matrix. audio rate modulation is one of my favorite techniques!

    and to whoever said they wanted a modular mode: if access came out with an access virus TI modular synth, I will have died and gone to heaven.

    I'd love it if you could set the attack, decay, and also crossfade for the atomizer, so that the repeating slice would have an envelope applied to it. Crossfade amount, so that each slice overlaps by a percentage.

    Yes please?