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    MagicJukebox and Sacguy71 you’ve introduced a topic argued on other discussion boards endlessly (modeler vs. tube amp).

    I started playing electric guitar again last November after decades of not owning an electric (or a tube amp, for that matter). Initially, I used my beloved Virus TI2 for distortion, delay and other effects.

    I am not buying a tube amp, and literally don’t have space for one. Using the Virus for guitar effects was a temporary stopgap until I could get a modeling pedal.

    Now that I own a Headrush MX5 and have spent some time loading IR’s (York’s Vox AC30 edition) and tweaking impedance curve based EQ’s, I love the tone. It’s probably not quite what I would get with an actual AC30, but I’m quite satisfied with what I hear while playing, and in my recordings.

    Last night I listened to a track my Sweetwater rep sent me. He uses a Kemper. It sounded fantastic!

    Guitar tone is a subjective quality. Please keep that in mind as you post here on our Virus forum.

    Sacguy71 it’s true the Iridium and Quantum are incredible synths with a great touchscreen UI, but they still don’t have the level of polyphony or the multitimbral power of the Virus. That’s not to mention the 6 assignable outputs we’ve got on our TI’s and TI2’s.

    Even so, it’s time for a new MacOS driver.

    Maarten would you consider building an Auv3 plug-in version of your app? How great would it be to have real “TI” integration with iPad hosts like Cubasis and Camelot Pro!!!

    Another request: Could you support the “Remote Templates” function of the TI range? I use my TI2 Desktop to control FabFilter plug-ins in Cubasis. I have to fire up my 2010 Mac to edit the templates. It would be truly amazing to do all of this entirely from my iPad!

    Sacguy71 I use my Hapax to sequence my Virus TI2 Desktop.

    Both are connected to an iConnectivity MioXM. The Hapax connects via the USB “device” port while the Virus goes through an iConnectivity Mio.

    If your configuration is simpler, you could simply connect directly via MIDI DIN or USB. That said, Virus’ USB isn’t class compliant, which is why I use the Mio. It eliminates the problem completely. In my experience, I have fewer problems with older hardware designs when I interface via DIN MIDI. Why not just connect via DIN MIDI and see if you have issues? I suspect you’ll have problem with transmission speed unless you’re sequencing a large number of complex tracks.

    I create a “multi” for each project, and the Hapax controls each patch directly. I’ve even had Hapax send program change messages to select the multi.

    It’s a great pairing. I find it supports my creativity. Both are incredible, best-in-class pieces of gear.

    leker it’s a fairly complex process, but one that is routine for any company with an active software development program on the Mac or Windows platforms.

    Lots of contributors on this forum have tried to influence Access to move this along, to no avail. It seems they are either unable or unwilling to do this.

    As I’ve suggested many times, you could look into the alternative TI plug-in from Many here report it works well and is similar functionally to Access’ own tool, though some don’t love the UI.

    MagicJukebox, I am quoting the email I just received seconds ago from Jani of Aura Plug-ins:

    Hi Dov,

    Yes our product works on macOS 10.15 and greater (intel or arm) with USB audio and MIDI.

    Here is the guide:…b-audio-with-every-macos/

    Kind regards,

    Jani Kervinen

    AURA Plugins Team

    Access’s lack of support for their product is maddening, especially because they continue to sell it!

    That said, the Virus is truly incomparable. With Aura Plug-Ins’ product, it continues to do what it was designed to do.

    An option I would consider if I were Access and did want to continue supporting the synth would be to partner with Aura Plug-ins. They have this working well, and would only need some effort to meet the higher UI standards of the TI plug-in.

    I have a hard time believing a class action suit will be successful, and even it were, it would take years. By that time, all of this will be irrelevant.

    My intuition is that Kemper doesn’t know what he wants to do for the future in the Profiler or Access categories. I may be wrong (I don’t follow what’s going on with the Profiler), but it seems that product has also become somewhat static and is beginning to fall behind competitors like Neural with their Quad Cortex. Likely the DSP chip in the Profiler is also nearing end of life and can’t be easily upgraded. If it’s coded in assembler, moving to a new DSP architecture means rewriting everything from scratch.

    mobilohm search around this forum and you will see post after post lamenting Access’s total silence on this issue.

    Some of us are using Aura Plug-ins Virus Hardware Editor, which works quite well.

    That said, you can’t update the firmware on your synth using it.