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    Our of curiosity, which controller do you use?

    Before I bought the Virus, I was using a Waldorf Blofeld, which as you may know, has only 7 knobs. It is a VERY deep synth, so programming it demands reliance on the “matrix” method of parameter entry, in addition to a certain amount of menu-diving. Someone does make a controller specifically for the Blofeld, but I never considered buying it.

    For a time I thought about writing a mapping between my X Touch mixing control surface and the Blofeld, running on a BomeBox (a wonderful tool for computer-less MIDI mapping and translation). In the end, I decided that the Virus offered me more (including more knobs!) so I shelved the project.

    From my experiments (I only have my Virus about a month at this point but I have spent significant time dedicated to this task), I learned that the Virus TI2 won’t talk to MIDI DIN if there is an active USB connection.

    My strategy has been:

    • Configure patches on the Virus (I don’t want to use the computer for sound design - I bought my Virus to learn how to use a hardware synth!)
    • Connect the Virus to my Mac
    • Save the patches using Mystery Islands VirusHE
    • Disconnect the Mac
    • Control and “play” the Virus from my MIDI network

    HetherGrey I plan something very similar to what you’re trying to do. Currently I sequence my Virus and 3 other sound generators from Cubasis on my iPad. I play the lines into Cubasis from 2 of my instruments which have keyboards.

    I have back ordered a Squarp Hapax hardware sequencer. When it comes, I will compose using that, instead of Cubasis. The DAW will be for tracking and mixing both my electronic and acoustic instruments.

    I’ve tried doing everything in the DAW and found it very frustrating. Like many, I like hardware instruments and the like.

    As I reported elsewhere in the forum, I was able to resolve the problem.

    The solution:

    Set the “MIDI Device Settings” Input Device to “FROM: Virus TI Synth” and Output Device to “TO: Virus TI Synth.”

    That said, I have still not received any answer to my tickets on the Mystery Islands site. It seems Jani is not responding at all any more.

    I have figured out the problem. The solution was to open “Preferences” and to set the “MIDI Device Settings” Input Device to “FROM: Virus TI Synth” and Output Device to “TO: Virus TI Synth.”

    Never the less, Jani, I am not thrilled that you have not answered me here or through the 4 tickets I placed at your website.

    I have purchased your product, but only reluctantly.

    Can anyone tell me how to get support for this product?

    There are no responses from Mystery Islands after a week of trying, and I have yet to locate an email or website for Aura Plugins, who Mystery Islands announced they are handing the product over to for support and development.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

    I’m really interested in buying VirusHE for my brand new TI2 Desktop. I’ve actually placed the order, but not paid for it yet.

    I have submitted a ticket to this effect, but haven’t received a response thus far, so I’m posting here to see if someone has ideas.

    My Configuration

    • MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010)
    • I’m not using a DAW on this machine. I want VirusHE standalone as a patch librarian.
    • Virus TI2 Desktop 5.1.7
    • USB (I have also tried iConnectivity Mio and iConnectivity MioXM via network MIDI. The rest of my gear is talking to the Virus just fine via the MioXM)

    All of the hardware settings were meticulously matched to the specs at the Mystery Islands site.

    Testing Procedure

    Virus is on MIDI channel 5 and Device ID 1. I have tried other channels and Device ID’s to no avail. The synth is in multi mode when I try all of this.

    To prove MIDI is flowing, I checked in MIDI Loupe on the MacBook. When I switch multis or single patches, I get the expected MIDI messages, albeit from “VIRUS TI Synth” and not from “VIRUS TI MIDI” as I would have expected.

    I updated the OS in the synth and backed up the factory patches with the Access Virus software. It connected immediately and did its work without any problems over the USB connection.

    I tested controlling the synth from Camelot Pro on the same Mac. Camelot Pro was able to download the patch library and switch presets on demand. Camelot Pro also worked perfectly over the network MIDI connection.

    In other words, MIDI is flowing and the Virus is communicating with this Mac. What am I doing wrong?

    Help and advice would be very much appreciated!