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    Works fine till now, Arp has been improved a lot, even if rarely use it i did it in my last project and its great.
    The stability also improved
    good work on this one Access, waiting for the graphics issue now with win 7

    Thanks for the info Timo, thought was the same connector but didn't search it a lot as it seems.

    AntonyB i didn't mention latency anywhere , my problem and i think in most of the VC users its syncing with DAW's.
    we all know that USB isn't the best solution for transferring data in two directions, hopefully the next generation will be with Firewire, or even better Firewire 800 ! :D

    Thank you for your replies and infos.

    i recently read an article for USB 3.0. Many of new devices seems to support this feature, mostly HDD and Cameras.
    This new feature provides a fourth transfer mode at 4.8 Gbit/s. The raw throughput is 4 Gbit/s, and the specification
    considers it reasonable to achieve 3.2 Gbit/s (0.4 GByte/s or 400 MByte/s) or more after protocol overhead.

    My Questions are:
    Will we see it Virus TI's?
    Is it possible to see it or it has to be upgrade to the chipset?

    I think is something really cool that may solve several sync issues.
    Although i believe that the best option would be a Firewire chipset (Maybe in TI3 :rolleyes: ).

    All the best.

    I got a serious problem with sync last days, it used to run smooth in past in my Sequoia 10
    But i change to FL9 to make a sound library and there the problems start.
    i try to reinstall the drivers but same thing happens all the time, when the DAW read the first note the red message of sync problem appears.
    i try also to free the USB hub only TI is patched on it.
    Also after reinstall it everytime i enable the virus it opens the New harware izard dialog and ask for reinstall the drivers...

    waiting for the official release so i can also change to Win7 ultimate 64

    Ti Polar
    Running XP 64
    Gigabyte UDR3
    Intel i7 Bloomfield
    Gigabyte 9600 Gforce (1gb)
    Fireface 800


    EDIT: I just format my pc and add Win 7 Ultmate x64
    It runs great except the known problem with the slow GUI lets see....

    Τα χαιρετισματα μας στην Αθηνα και ευχαριστουμε για το καλοσωρισμα Χρηστο, :)
    Μολις εχουμε δειγματα απο την δουλεια με το Polar θα τα ανεβασουμε στο αναλογο section.

    All the best.