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    I finally got around to trying this on 9v and seems to have fixed the overheating so thank you. still a bit janky looking having to power it with the side off but happy to have it working again for the first time in 5 years. will keep my eye out for one of similar design of the original internal power supply.

    Edit. fairly warm today in Australia and after an hour or so, it was starting to click/distort a little on attack. Turning it off an on again made it right again :(

    > after about 30 minutes audio cuts out

    That should be the 5V linear regulator on the heatsink. When the thermal shutdown kicks in or it's broken, the reduced output voltage makes the audio circuitry stop working while the DSP still runs fine as it's not running off of that regulator. The heatsink is sized inappropriately, so in my Virus the voltage regulator broke eventually. For yours, it may be the heat triggering the thermal shut down after 30 minutes.

    If you use a power supply with a lower output voltage (9V instead of 12V), I would assume that the Virus should run longer or not have any issues anymore at all. Just gotta make sure it can deliver 1A and that the plug polarity is correct.

    Other account got deactivated, mines an indigo 2 so it has an laptop style power supply mounted in the case which connects to a barrel connector on the side of the pcb. I would assume it is the same spec as the desktop units 2.5mm barrel centre positive 12v 2a, but never found any info about it.

    I ran mine for 80 mins yesterday with the side plates off and fan blowing through it without issue. Does nothing in the virus use 12v? (also note I have a keyboard version)