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    To be honest, most synth companies have poor support especially Roland and Korg so Access Kemper is not alone in bad customer service and lack of support. But at least Roland keeps their hardware updated with new software OS versions on Mac and PC Windows.

    Hi all,

    Can you record each part of the Virus Ti2 in multi-timbral mode to separate audio and MIDI tracks in a DAW such as Logic X and Ableton Live 11? If so, how would I set this up? I'd love to record drum and bass tracks from Virus TI2 to individual tracks in my DAW. So let us say I have the following

    Part 1- kick

    Part 2- clap

    part 3- snare

    part 4- hi hat

    part 5- bass

    part 6- pad

    I have multi-timbral mode working on the Virus TI2 and want to record these individual tracks out to Logic X and have the Aura MI plugin software working fine in Logic X and audio levels on Virus.

    BUT when I record in Logic X, all 16 parts of the Virus TI2 are recorded to the audio tracks! How do I solve this? If there is a template example or video how to split the parts on the Virus to individual audio and MIDI tracks that would be greatly appreciated.

    It works fine with the Aura Plugin software. I recorded some tracks today from my Virus TI2 to Ableton Live 11 and Logic X over USB using Aura MI software without issues and used the awesome Macbook Pro speakers to monitor. Worked like a charm no crash and very little latency. Plus frees up MIDI to use Hapax for sequence drums on Virus but the arpeggiator works amazing like a sequencer. Kemper should hire the Aura guys to develop next gen Virus!

    I totally agree with all of the points made above, especially "C". As a guitar player, I can't believe some guitarists are using this low-quality amp simulator. It's way too expensive and it sounds like crap. I recently attended a live show and was so shocked at how poor the guitar sounded... that is, until I noticed the Kemper amp on stage. They actually give them away to YouTube influencers in order to boost sales.

    Exactly and as a guitar player myself, I have both tube amps and hardware modelers like Helix. Even with decent FRFR powered cabs the modelers like Kemper still do not sound as good as real tube amps like my Bogner. They get half way there that’s about it.

    I think that the reason why nothing is done to support new technology from Access Kemper Music and I blame Kemper and would tell him that to his face too is the following:

    a. Kemper does not give a fuck about Virus owners

    b. Kemper is short of technical resources to update drivers and software for Virus hardware

    c. Kemper is making more money on the stupid lame Kemper amp hardware.

    d. Access Music is low on cash and resources to invest in software updates and future hardware design

    Waldorf and other companies went broke and pulled the same horse shit on synth owners in the past before venture capital bought them and put cash and resources to new software and hardware updates. I like my Virus TI2 that I bought last year and will use mostly as stand alone hardware to record the audio without the plugin in spite of the crude interface. It is still better than my Moog Sub 37 that has less features and cruder user interface. Hell for fucks sake the Kemper Access Music people do not even support this forum as it has been invaded by spammers posting sports better horse shit all over it.

    can you run a tool to check if midi is working between your computer and the virus? Midi does not transmit audio so you have two different issues. Also the virus control software only works on older macos versions prior to Catalina or windows 10.

    Sacguy71 it’s true the Iridium and Quantum are incredible synths with a great touchscreen UI, but they still don’t have the level of polyphony or the multitimbral power of the Virus. That’s not to mention the 6 assignable outputs we’ve got on our TI’s and TI2’s.

    Even so, it’s time for a new MacOS driver.

    ah good to know! Considering that my new virus ti2 cost 2k plus less than these Waldorf synths, I’m glad to have the multi-timbral polyphony. Yeah we need new macos driver support no doubt! I wish Kemper would show us virus owners and users some love here.