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    Im running cubase 5.5, and the latest virus os.

    It now no longer syncs and its critical i get it working again as i have tracks ready for release.

    Is anyone else now getting sync issues where they didnt before?

    Any thoughts on a fix? thanx

    thank you. I tried the 3.3 when it first got released but it isnt working. I'm still having to run it on a separate partition in XP.

    Its not a major problem but really do wanna move fully over to 64bit as soon as. i'm just not using the virus much any more because of it but on the up side, NI reaktor is getting a good seeing to.

    Hi. I'm sure there have been many threads on this but the search only seems to bring up one thread.
    Is there any ETA on a working driver update for the Virus Ti to work both within either Windows 7 32 and 64bit?

    I have a Q6600, Gigabyte GAP35-DS3P, 4 gig Corsair dominator and the current beta driver doesnt work for me in either platform.
    It loads the OS but there is no communication between the OS and the TI.

    The TI is the last of my software/hardware to become Win 7 compatible. As soon as the TI works, i will fully move over to Win 7 64bit.
    How are developments coming on and is there an urgency to get this problem fixed as i'm certain many TI users are in the same boat as me.

    Thank you

    Still no joy in running this on Win 7 32bit.
    I'm hoping they hurry up with a fix instead of just a Beta as they're slacking in comparrison to other companies. So far, UAD, RME, Korg, Camel audio and NI have all done Win 7 updates for their software and hardware that i use. The only thing no longer working is the Virus in Win 7.

    The VC loads up but doesnt connect to the virus. No transmision whatsoever.

    Using gigabyte P35 DS3P, Q6600 and 4g corsair ram.
    Works fine in my XP 32 partition but not in Windows 7. Shame.
    Hurry up chaps. I know you'll get it to us soon. Good luck on making it work all nice and stable.

    i cant get the TI to work at all in Win 7 so having to use my TI as a standalone synth doing sysex dumps etc :(

    Win 7 32
    Q6600 overclocked to 3.6gHz
    4g RAM
    TI os 3.3

    Gutted but at least some of my soft synths work which is nice. Never used Alchemy so much but loving it now