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    I updated my Cubase from 5.01 to 5.1 i opened my project made with Cubase 5.01 and the Virus TI had no sound (you can switch to usb or analog outputs, doesnt sound)

    I had to close the virus control and reopen it course i had to write down or safe all the sound setup.... after this, the virus is back to make good sounds.

    Please somebody can verify if im the only one to get this problem? You can see the meters moving but no sound....

    Virus or Cubase bug?

    Since i put my hands on the "a" version i falled in love :love:
    Good emulation synth, one of the best, i own also real analog synths, but i use them rarely, this TI do all the rest ;)

    Thnx to Access for this toy, and finally we have our own forum...

    1. 3rd ADSR is really welcome and really needs, if you guys build a new TI3 please dont forget to put usb2.0 or firewire 800/400 output instead the old USB 1

    2. The possibility to use our own waveform for the wave osc section (hope is possible to write this part in the ram or is only rom? a too/utilityl for do it is warmy welcome like Waldorf already do it with some unusefull hardware synths :D )

    3. A virus FX plugin would be nice but not urgent.

    I hope you realize that if you use USB outs and Analog outs at the same time that the analog outs will out of sync compared to the USB outs unless you put a track delay on those tracks. The analog outs are supposed to be used when you trigger the TI with a normal midi cable and don't use the USB at the same time. That's one of the issues I am having with the TI. I wish you could use USB and Analog outputs at the same time without having to use a track delay on the tracks that are using the analog outs. Try it, create 2 MIDI parts using 1/8th notes, one triggering a USB output, the other the Analog output. They will not play back in sync with each other! Now switch the analog out part to a second USB output and both parts will play back completely in sync.


    This cant be happening, since the digital sound from USB is processed by your pc/mac so you will have always a bit of latency.

    I was think that the TI2 was using the USB 2, but we still on USB 1, personally Ii will not buy a new virus till Access guys will not implemented the last USB protocol speed transfer.

    If really want make a serious toy to play in a studio, a firewire 800/400 is welcome.