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    I'd like to adjust the volume for multi patches with a single knob, instead of having to set each single sound so that the multi sound is about the same level then another multi that was programmed some other time... :)
    2. More Ram Banks then Rom Banks and the possibility to change the order of the multis without having problems because the multi doesn't know which single sounds are included in the multi...would be much easier if for example the setlist of a band changes and you wanna change the order of the songs in the virus too...

    during the last tour there appeared some problems when I connect the sound module to different types of keyboards via midi.

    1.I'm playing a multi and some sounds of it react to an outside controller although I put all the settings in the virus to: disable external controller data.
    for example a bass sound suddenly gets a phase effect or the filter of a soft pad rises up via aftertouch(though the multi matrix is completely empty)...and this happens only in combination with some keyboards-mostly with korg workstations...

    2. Whats the meaning of the small square bracket down right in the display (it also appears sometimes)

    3.when I switch between the multi programms sometimes the names of the three parameters do appear sometimes not...

    4.whats the difference between the black clock and the white one? and both signs also appear sometimes without any reason...

    5. Two times the arpeggiator time was not the internal time as I set it on 120 bpm.Where can I fix this?

    6. Last thing is a proposal: It would be super cool if one could set the volume for a multi without having to change every single sound in it...What do you think?


    Yeah. I mean it's working but always in danger when the roady comes on stage to fix sth near my cables... the construction sticks out way to far...could be made more solid-like other power supplies...

    does nobody who uses the virus TI desktop on stage" live"has problems with the "input" of the power supply at the TI? Everytime I accidentally touch it the virus gos down and restarts...or is there a newer power supply.mine is the original one from ca.6years ago...

    Thanks! In fact I'm using the desktop as hardware synth connected to a midi keyboard.But the way to reorder the multis stays the same I think. And yes I meant to change the destination of the full multi ;) Anyway they should make it easier to handle in this case don't you agree?
    Just to make sure that I understood it right: I have every single sound that is used in my multis saved in a single bank. So I can just start to save the multis from 16 -127 without problems right?

    Hi the situation is like that: everytime the setlist is changed I'd love to change the order of the songs according to the setlist. Is it possible in the virus control pluginn?
    Second question. When I save my sounds from Ram Banks to Rom banks-just to have enough space to create new sounds for new songs-will the multis be intelligent enough to find the new destination of the single sounds that I moved to the Rom banks? Thanks! Friede

    the CPU thing was a cubase bug and I solved it. But now as the mixdown isn't interrupted I often do not get audio data on the track.
    How do I have to set the Virus TI to convert midi into audio?
    Here is what I did:
    When I choose ROM-A INPUT then set Input Mode to Static Input Select to L+R and Output 1L+R, Balance to 0 and connect the cables to the selected in/outputs I receive an empty mixdown track.
    When I don't use the ROM-A INPUT but a normal soundpatch I get a recorded signal but with different noises probably coming from the patch.
    Please help the stupid!!!

    (still using Cubase 5 latest OS and Clavia Nord stage)

    everytime I try to convert my midi file in cubase 5 into an audio file the CPU collapses.
    I'm using the piano sound of a nord stage and no vst piano simulation ( so the bounce happens in realtime).
    I tried to put the latency of the virus on relaxed so it was a very high latency but CPU was still overcharged.
    It has to be a problem with the Virus interface because if I use my FA-66 it works fine.
    Computer has 4 GB RAM 1,6 Duelcore running on windows 7 64bit.

    Any ideas? Thank you!