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    I love my Virus but a few things really bug me...

    The first doesn't seem to have a solution... the Virus should have really had USB 2 and full 16 channel output via the plugin--but alas, its USB one... is there a mod on the way for this?! It was kind of depressing and dissappointing to find this out when I got my virus.

    The second feels like a software/OS fix... can we please have more output volume out of the VC?! In Logic an instance of Virus Control barely moves the channel meter. Its WAAAY quieter than any softsynth.

    There's a discussion here too...…us-ti-output-options.html

    Well said, and agreed!

    Keep updating the audio/performance please!

    Forgive my noobishness if this is a easily answered question...

    But I seem to only be able to get the VU meter in my logic channel strip to go up about a 1/4 of the way with the virus plugin when the channel fader is at 0db... it makes the virus tough to stand out in mixes especially when I'm trying out new parts/voices
    Am I doing something wrong?

    I've been using a gain plug in and/or compression to get up more towards 0db.

    I'm not quite sure how to fix this or if its a more serious issue...

    Every note I play on my brand new Virus Ti2 KB is recorded a 1/2 step flat into my DAW. I'm using Logic 9.0.2 and Snow leopard with TI OS 3.1.0

    I've checked the global tune and its set to zero.
    Logic is NOT set to transpose and in fact my M-Audio axiom 49 records the proper notes when plugged in.

    I've tried reseting my virus by holding down the ARP and EDIT buttons for 10 sec but it just seems to boot up normally. Am I doing something wrong?

    Anybody have any idea how to fix this?

    Hey, I'm new around here as I've just recently added the VIrus TI2 to my set-up. I'm a one-man synth pop operation based out of Miami. Check out my music here. Also I have a music video available on youtube called "The Space Explorer". Lemme know what you think if you drop in on any of it. Looking forward to what my Virus can do. It sounds and looks great so far. :thumbsup:

    I recently just purchased a Access Virus T12 synthesizer (really just amazing quality on this btw) and I've installed the current Virus COntrol software AU plugin (v 3.1) that lets you control the synth and monitor it in logic via usb/midi. i know that Instantiating more than one copy of the plugin is not possible as I understand it.

    I've figured out (i think) how to get the (16 different) parts to recognize MIDI channels and play their respective notes/melodies independently, HOWEVER, since they are all referencing the same intrument instance of plugin they all seemed to be locked together within LOGIC with respect to volume adjustments, EQ and other additoinal processing. In other words, I cant just add compression to the bassline, lift the cutoff and resonance on the lead, and add delay to the pads without doing all of the above to the entire output of the virus. [The Virus Control gives me a certain amount of control over the mix of the voices with its individual part faders in the AU itself.]

    So my question is, is their anyway of dividing the outputs of enviroment objects so that they allow me control of each voice/sound independently? Of course I can bounce down, but I'd like to avoid that as much as possible.

    I may also be doing this entire thing wrong, so any explanation as to how to properly set-up my VIrus TI2 would be great.

    Hope someone can help! Thanks alot.