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    How do you fix keys when they are not working anymore. The play dynamic is completely gone on 2 of my keys and the keys are not responding/functioning as the rest.

    How do you go about fixing this? Has anyone had experience with this issue?

    I think you could try disabling "Local" under Config -> Keyboard?

    Thanks a lot! Thats the option I have been looking for.

    I tested it on Mojave. When I startup Ableton or Kontakt then this switch goes OFF and the synth is quiet.

    Once exiting Ableton/ Kontakt then this switch turns itself ON automatically (on Mojave).
    So I think this should work on Catalina, by switching it off/on manually as needed.

    Config -> Keyboard -> Local ON/OFF



    There are no drivers for the Access Virus TI for macOS Catalina, but one can still use it as an external sound card and as a MIDI input.

    That works fine for me (using a MIDI dongle called USB UNO from the MIDI OUT channel of the keyboard to a USB port on the computer).

    But when I am playing the keys on the keyboard it is sounding the instrument/synth on Ableton AS WELL as the synth picked on the actual VIRUS menu.

    How can I turn off the synth from the VIRUS and hear the output from the computer/Ableton only. Just like if I hit the virtual keyboard / notes inside Ableton or Kontakt.

    Can someone explain how to configure this? I tried looking for a setting in Config but can't find a suitable setting.

    I have another MacOS running Mojave where the synth gets automatically muted when I start Ableton or software synths on the computer.


    I have the same issue but on latest Windows 10, 1903. Windows recognizes the USB device. But opening up the Virus Control center it starts looking

    and saying cannot be found. It suggest to unplug, turn off, wait 30 seconds and hold down Exit key while starting virus and then connecting USB. But this doesnt change a thing. Won't still recognize. I will now try to deinstall Virus Control Center and reboot and try that...

    Anyone else experienced problems with Windows 10 1903 and Virus Control Center?

    Update: I tried reinstalling, but same problem. I tried different USB ports simply moving the USB cable around to try different ports. eventually I found one that it works with.

    So I suggest to resolve issues with not found: TRY DIFFERENT USB PORTS. My backpanel on the motherboard didn't recognize the Virus. But the USB port from the front panel breakout of the Tower PC worked. Was USB 3.0. Which works just fine. Backpanel i tried both USB 3.0 and USB1.0/2.0 ports which wouldn't work.



    I recently acquired my Virus and i managed to setup the connection through USB with Cubase 5 (using Win7).
    I can record midi notes live straight into Cubase and play it back. But it only records the keys, and not the
    Effect knobs that i am changing while playing. My question is pretty simple.

    How do i record the Synth Effect buttons while i am recording the keys in Cubase 5 ?

    Looking forward to your help, and thanks a lot in advance! :)