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    What I like to do is write the lead and then play it back while tweaking the elements that need it. It I want a Trance vibe I will add some hefty Filter Envelope on Filter 1 and set it to Lowpass. If you want to bring that sound in start with a you Filter cutoff at 0 and fadeit into about 45 over a period of 1 phrase. Work with it like that and occasionally tweak the filter cutoff level subtlety until you come to the break down where you take the filter instantly down to 0 and fade it in to 127 where it is full on when you drop your bass and drums back in.

    I hope this helps.

    Comparing the Venom to the Virus is like comparing a Boeing 737 to the Space Shuttle... I have played both and I can honestly say that the Venom is an awesome synth until you play a Virus and thats the point that you realize that there is really no comparison. If you spent the same amount of money as a Virus on 6 Vemons you would still be lacking some


    The Venom is totally geared toward someone that has never owned hardware and is newer to synthesizers. So is the Venom a bad synth? No. It destroys a lot of crappy softsynths and even hardware, but to suggest it can even compete with a Virus is in my opinion crazy because people that want superior quality will pay superior prices. A better comparison to the Virus would be an Andromeda and even it is lacking in terms on Total Integration. I feel like for now and the forseeable future the Virus will stand alone in terms of quality, power, respect and support.

    That's just my two cents.

    Yeah. If you have a few patches that you don't need extra FL effects, put all of them into the same USB output.

    On my setup, I have my main synth on USB 1. I put my bass patches on USB 2 L and my FX patches on USB 2 R. I put everything else on USB 3. If I need more, I mute Virus channels and record and them just use the audio track in a new channel. I used to use FL, but I went over the Ableton because it is way friendlier when it comes down to resampling.

    In the case of even and odd channels: thats a fact. I produce my tracks around this truth. Test it out... Start a project and put a super hefty hypersaw with a density of 9 on both oscillators with the 3rd oscillator and a sub oscillator with a unison detune of 8 voices on channels 1,3,5,7... And you should be cool to play whatever you want on the even ones. I have noticed that even though the even-odd thing is real, which patch cuts out seems random.

    When I produce a track I put my simple monophonic low FX patches on odd channels and put my powerhouse polyphony hog polyphonic patch on channel 2.

    I use Ableton Live 8 with a Virus TI Keyboard, APC40, Novation Launchpad, Korg MS-2000 and a Presonus Firebox. In my opinion, all you NEED to make good Psy is Ableton, an APC40, a good audio interface and of course a Virus TI. Ever since I went over to Ableton, my music and work have gotten light-years better. The ability to to take looping elements in and out with the push of a button is an Electronic Musician's dream come true. You should consider Ableton with your Virus bro!

    Not only that, but go through presets on the thing and try to disassemble them and work out what makes them tick. Find a preset that does something cool which you have no idea how to do, then play with it until you break it - then you'll have an idea what parts of the synth do what...

    Reading with help to an extent but there is no substitute for tweaking until you (almost) go mad...

    True that! This is how it works. Play with sounds you love, and then someday you will be able to imagine them in your mind before you program them and then you will do it.

    I don't have any of my stuff online, but I mostly do Live PA's. My format for making Psy is to to make a bizarre yet interesting patch while in stand alone mode on my Virus. I do this a few times and the I drop the elements into Ableton as a loop. I then write my track as fast as I can RECORDING it from start to finish. I forget about the song for a few days and then I come back to it and see if it is still interesting to me. If it is, I will continue on what I started by mixing and mastering the track. If it is not, I will start my whole process over again. I feel like the Psy that is the best is the stuff that has a good Bass/Synth/Trippy hook that could continue until the breakdown. After I drop the breakdown I like to bring in a movie sample and a new synth sound and all the while slowly changing the other elements. Two bars before the drop I will do a Highpass filter over the entire track with lots of pingpong delay and reverb and then sample that. Drop that sample over the rest of the track on the drop with new sounds and then you have insta-Psy Nirvana!

    What is your format?