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    If it is not too much trouble can the OP please indicate which of those soundsets are already on the access music website so that no redundant or double downloads are necessary?


    Sounds like alot of Virus in the new fear factory record "The Industrialist". In this track for example, some of the virus which starts at 1:53... sounds like it has an absolutely HUGE stereo image in comparsion to the guitar... and then it comes back after that point every now and then. Does anyone know if I am doing the same style how I can increase the size of my own guitars to be even huger sounding than these ones? I double track left and right panned hare left anr Right just like Dino does here.,.. But how can I make my guitars sound big just like the Access Virus when it has those massive ring mods and stuff? Is there some phase trick? Or does it need to be run through some processor and if I do run it through one... such as the Virus or maybe my eventide, what kind of processing is required and do I treat each mono track of electric guitar separately? or do i treat the stereo bus of electric guitar as a stereo pair through the processing?

    But I have no clue what kind of processing this might need. I do not believe it is tape. I believe this is done digitaly... but i dont really want the guitar "Effected" other thant made larger in size.

    Here is the link and 1:53 is where the idea comes in where the Synth simply comes in bigger than the electric guitars.

    Or maybe what i am asking is not possible according to the science.

    SP2. In addition, as per my support emails, i keep getting the diagnosatic screen upon opening VC in either new sessions or ones trying to open in existing sessions. This is probabily because I tried to now go back to a previous version of the OS. It says the software is a mismatch to the hardware. but the software installed was and the hardware says this upon starting it.... and so does the dpm file. throughout the process there was mismatches i noticed in these but now ive re-installed everything is the same and still same diagnostic. I tried deleting digidesign databases but still. VC says the current version is

    now I have just gone through the Tarekith optimizations for XP as well as the Avid Reccommended ones - totally optimizing the machine further - but the Virus Control screen is still turning grey after a few attempts at pressing tabs and knobs which do not repond.... the whole VC window turns grey. Before when i first installed the latest OS today but did not do the optimizations, you would have to move the window out of the screen views and back in to see the next tab clicked on or any changes - but there is nothing reacting on the screen when clicking or dragging... the change is definetly made - but this is very much a hindrance for obvious reasons. There is simply no screen refreshing only in the VC plug-in at the moment... there is sound but no visual correspondence in VC.

    Please strongly advise.

    On pro tools, the VC screen is not re-drawing and nothing can be visibly changed on the screen of the plug-in - this was after installing to the new latest OS just now. severe screen re-draw problems - there were a few of these problems before with the previous OS... but it only happened when the VC plug-in was on my laptop's screen but not on the extended monitor - now with the new OS there is no pixel response on the VC window when on either monitor now. LOL. buffer size was adjusted between 128 to 256 to 512 - and nothing but grey window.

    I notice that the sound of the virus is very deep and modern.... does anyone know which A/D converter for recording other stuff comes closest to the color of the virus? So I can have a more consistent sound to the virus when I record other things

    Maybe not as rounded, but what I mean to ask is - what is the most modern sounding A/D converter out there which has a similar very 3 dimensional sound of a hyper-synthetic quality like my virus TI? Because my rosetta 200 is too vintage sounding. It sounds very 60s and a little washed out when i record my electric guitar, and vocals, etc.. not much different character than the converters in my-m-audio project mix, (although better for sure), but I need a more modern sounding A to D converter with a more deeper 3D sort of hi-fi sort of synthetic sound like the Virus so that anything I record is more consistent with the Virus.

    So I obviously need a more suitable converter to have more consistent sound with that very artificial sort of modern vibe of my Virus. What A/D converter should I go with for that very extremely synthetic big 3D sound? Because the Rosetta is simply not doing it.

    Is there some converter I can buy for under $3000US that will give me the proper color I am looking for? (Rosetta enthusiasts dont understand - they keep telling me it has a very musical color - but they do not understand its the wrong color and not synthetically 3D enough... and also not hi-fidelity enough. Can I do it for 2000? How about 1000?

    I was referred to RME, but are those not too sterile?

    And which condenser microphone is best for this colored modern sound too? To also make vocals sound colored. A tube mic?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is many Virus users running their sounds through either the Eventide H8000 or 7600. Are these units also at a high level of intricacy of sound design to the programming level of the Virus?

    Is it worth the $4000 for the 7600 or $6000 for the H8000 for intricate effects? Programming-wise if one is a Virus fan? Because this is very expensive to pay for effects units.

    I know Virus Users must love effects since the virus obviously has may of them also acting as an effects processor. But are Virus users generally also recommended to buy any of these effects units? Or is there different reccommended effects units more suitable to the Virus sound if i want to run the Virus sound through them. (or other sounds to be very crazy)

    Because the Kore ones are nice, but I would never use them for live usage because I never do any thing based off laptop computers for live. All of it is real equipment. I even I have an $800 rackmount Denon mp3 player. (I was the first in my country to buy one).


    Hello, I am wondering why when I A/B compare the virus beside any of the NI synths like Massive, Reaktor, and FM8, - who do these ones sound so thin compared to the Virus? They do not have that depth to them - after I got my TI, then those other ones just sounded like toys to me.

    But there are advocates for NI saying that the NI ones are as good too, but I really think they sound poor and cheesy compared to the Virus TI. Does anyone know why this is the case?

    I am surprised that arpeggiattor Note Resolution cannot be a modulation destination. Does anyone know why? One would think many people would like to all of a sudden change up its note rate of resolution at certain points in time, and not always fixed to the same value. Basically simply to be able to assign a mod wheel or soft knob to it at the very least.

    (nevermind... latency reduced significantly after I adjusted the pro tools buffer size. )

    it is a little more reasonable to deal with now.

    wow... i cant believe all these free amazing banks that come from Access (and also from Spectrasonics also for free in the updates to Omnisphere and Trilogy) - always free!.

    and yet Native Instruments has the nerve to make all patches for their very low grade Massive synth as 'soundpacks' costing upwards of $60. (from their own website, I am not talking about other sellers.) I can't think of anything more arrogant.

    NI is all just about the money. I am glad Access and Spectrasonics make the patches on their website for free.

    And also strange considering that Reaktor ensembles are free in the NI user area - ensembles which can sound even better than Massive with even better signal to noise ratios.

    The Virus as a virtual analog synthesizer is too high quality and far beyond the sound quality of anything else in my home studio (except for maybe my eventide rack unit and as well as my superior 2 drum kits). But I own all the main guitar simulator plug-ins on the market (Pod Farm 2, Amplitube 3, Guitar Rig 4, TH1, Peavey Revalver, , and have tried eleven, and all the other ones...etc) and none of them matches the high fidelity and overall quality of the Virus TI. And the Virus TI is not analog, it is all digital modeling of analog - but even better sounding than analog - like hyper-realistic analog or something).

    I am confused.. why can't i have the same quality in my electric guitar modeling as I do with my Virus TI synth?

    Can anyone please recommend me a digital solution for electric guitar for any possible guitar amp modeling product that would sound just as high fidelity so that it can match up well with my Virus TI modeling of analog synths quality? Because for my music i use electric guitar a+ virus + S2. But even with the best A/D conversion, there is no guitar plug-in that sounds good enough for a DI connection. I just got ampltube 3 because it is supposed to be the best but it is still noticeably below the sound fidelity of the Virus. Is there maybe a hardware equivalent in quality for electric guitar or does this not exist? I own a Pod X3 rack unit, but this is made of very cheap components and it is only a back-up for guitar amps live. It is a little bit too low end for me to use on an album release.


    Disregard my prior post based on misinformed forum knowledge across the web about pro tools. LOL. lesson learned.

    I contacted the instructor i had for my prior pro tools certification level 101 and 110, and here is what he recommended for a mac, but hes getting back to me about doing it on a PC:

    Open a Pro Tools session
    Create an instrument track and place the Virus plug-in on the insert
    create your MIDI performance on the Instrument track.

    Open up AMS via Pro Tools Setup>MIDI>MIDI Studio, or open from your utilities folder on the Mac
    Switch to the MIDI Devices Tab, and double click on the IAC Driver
    Check the Box that says "Device is online"
    Click the "More information" arrow if you don't see the ports
    In the ports section add two ports, one called Reaktor In, and the other Reaktor Out
    Close the IAC Driver Properties window
    Quit AMS, as you are done with it.

    Open up the stand alone version of the Reaktor application
    Load your ensemble patch
    In the System menu of Reaktor choose Audio+MIDI settings
    switch to the MIDI Tab
    In the Input interface section switch IAC Driver "Reaktor In" On
    In the output interface section switch the IAC Driver "Reaktor Out" On
    Click OK to close the box

    Choose View>Show Toolbox
    Play the Reaktor sequence and ensure the little MIDI out light in this box flashes to show MIDI output
    Open the Ensemble-Structure window and delete the audio outputs by clicking on them and hitting delete.
    Leave the Reaktor application running and Switch back to Pro Tools.

    From the Pro Tools menu choose Setup>MIDI>MIDI Beat Clock
    Make sure the box "Enable MIDI beat clock for..." is checked
    Check the box that says IAC Driver, Reaktor In

    You have now successfully linked the two transports together. If you play Pro Tools, Reaktor should play, and also will follow what ever tempo Pro Tools is running at.

    Now for your Reaktor to control the Virus plug-in, all you need to do view the instrument portion of the Instrument track in Pro Tools, and change the Input of the MIDI portion of the instrument track to Predefined IAC Driver, Reaktor Out "All Channels"

    Any MIDI data Reaktor spits out will now affect the Synth on that track.

    (Now I gotta find out how this is done on a PC.)