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    Hello Virus hive,

    I am hoping to use all three stereo outs as three different stereo sounds. I get that multimode is how this is achieved. My question is; I started out in single mode found a great sound and now want to add 2 more different sounds to it. If I engage multi from single is just says multi init. Is there a way I don't have to re-configure the original sound I started with as one of the l/r pairs?

    Thanks for the time and consideration!

    I paid a big price tag for a product that had total integration into the DAWs I use: Logic and Pro Tools. It now does not perform the paid for function: total integration. I, and other TI owners, have given money for this function. Shame on Access for not continuing to support their product and have it perform in the fashion it was advertised to. All major DAWs, at the time of my purchase, were supported. Just because it doesn't affect your DAWs and your work flow and the use of your product doesn't mean it is even close to the same situation elsewhere; we have every right to complain to Access; we are all paying customers.

    So I have been using Logic since 9 and I continue to in LPX... but most of my studio work is now done in Pro Tools 12.x. As there is no integration software for port tools 12 or higher, I need to use my TI2 as hardware and get sound from the jacks and midi through the midi ports. I'm wondering, however, what suggestions any other TI users have with respect to me loading a patch, editing it and then being able to both save the edit (without it affecting the original patch, so I can use it again as my base sound to edit) and still leaving the original patch untouched- I believe thats what the TI software does in LPX... is the method me simply saving the edited patch to a new bank, or is there a slicker methodology? I'm not terribly good with MIDI which is why I'm asking a potentially noob question...

    Really appreciate any direction and thanks for your time and consideration!


    So what is ACCESS actually doing? We've been in BETA for OVER A YEAR. I use Logic Pro X and a lot of my colleagues are running 10.11 and enjoying all the advancements of the newer OS X, while I'm stranded in 10.10.5. IMHO the virus TI2 full keyboard is the best synth going, but ACCESS' upkeep, maintenance and future developments are beyond suspect. Come on ACCESS; can't we make nice?

    I tried upgrading to the latest TI OS 5.0.8 running OSX 10.8.5 (as when I started this post I upgraded to 10.9.x and lost use of my TI2 keyboard using TI OS 5.0.7). I now experience the EXACT SAME difficulties that I experienced in OSX 10.9.x in OSX 10.8.5. I am back running TI OS and am still being further hampered with this latest TI OS. No way I can afford the time or energy lost to play around with this Keyboard and OSX. What gives? You've got to be kidding Access.. :cursing: This is the ONLY piece of gear I own that has continually had DRIVER issues since purchase; and that was 5 years ago in 2009. My keyboard was also broken to begin with, had to be repaired; and STILL has DRIVER ISSUES. This driver company you employ is surely making your hardware look bad/under-perform at best.


    Yes! I can confirm that only the keyboard stops working and that if I do twist a knob it responds correctly; as though there was no issue. It certainly, for me, appears to be solely a driver issue. I am back up and running in 10.8.5 and with 5.0.4. with no abornal functions.



    I wanted to tell you that there is another superstar Access member aside from yourself; Jörg Hüttner. He believed me the last time my TI2 needed service and put through a ticket even though I had experienced some opposition to my TI2's useless state. This time he tipped me off and am back rocking. Although it did require a great deal of time and effort; I tried fresh installs of Mavericks and could not make it function. I downgraded a fresh install to 10.8.5 and all is well. I will simply have to wait for your final release version of the Virus OS to upgrade to Mavericks again. Too, I wanted to say that when I had said "you folks" I didn't mean anything negative, rather that's just my vanacular.


    Thanks Marc, I always try to start with the forums (and your resident genius) before I possibly waste your repair center's time and effort. I have contacted them and are awaiting a response. I will update you as things progress.

    Well, seeing as how this occurred by me simply powering up my Virus one day; that likely means it's the unit right? I mean, there's nothing else on the USB bus, no software was installed and nothing about my system changed. I just went to use it and this happened. I'd really appreciate a support ticket and to have you professionals repair this unit. I had a working unit for a couple months in Mavericks until this occurred; what a let down. Again, I've tried numerous Virus OS re-installs, reinstalled Logic Pro X a few times and I've tried the Virus factory reset as well. The only thing I haven't done is reinstall Mavericks and I would like to think that's not necessary.

    So is this a midi driver issue? I can playback midi data but not play notes on the keyboard; or I can play notes on the keyboard (not on the virus instance) and not playback the virus instance. Do I have to yet again send my Virus back to Access? It took me 2 years (and most of my warranty) to get you folks to repair this unit as it came broken; then you "forgot" to ship it back to me after 3+ months.

    Advice Marc?

    Suddenly my Virus has become unable to play the notes I am entering on the keyboard; while it is still able to playback recorded midi fine. I reinstalled the latest beta which did nothing; I have reinstalled Logic Pro X and have the same problem. I am wondering where in Logic Pro X I can check and see if the cycle parameter is set to 1/94 - in Logic Pro 9 I could find it easily in the menu system but I cannot seem to track it down in Logic Pro X. My Virus TI will receive played notes from the keyboard if I reset all midi drivers; but if I tried to play an instance of the virus TI after that reset it no longer plays or registers note information from the keyboard to the virus. I have the same result in Logic Pro 9 as well.

    Redownloading the 5.0.7 reinstalling and arp edit for 20 sec then plugging in a live usb cable fixed this issue. What a strange, strange, bug.

    Nevermind as soon as I loaded another song, it reverts right back to the issue.

    Also, while earlier the midi driver reset would prove to be fruitless, once i click midi reset i can actually play the keyboard and virus correctly until the reset finalizes and then I get the same issue.

    Well, I downloaded the new beta, it tells me it fails a check of some sort. THen puts me through textless menus and gives me an option to install "installer choice" 5 and 6. I imagine this isn't supposed to happen?

    EDIT* Re downloaded. Works fine.


    Worked on my macbook, works on my main workstation.

    Fully upgraded and able to finally use the advanced features of my other hardware (whose drivers fixed bugs and addressed other issues) alongside my TI2 in Logic and OSX 10.8.1

    I am very very pleased.