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    hi marc thanks for the help.

    i think the akai mpk49 is sending some midi controls on its own to cubase 5.

    It sends panorama and volume ctrls to the active track.

    i tried to unplug the mpk49 and the transmission stops.

    the problem is that the keyboard seems to work perfectly with reason and also with cubase 5 if the virus ti snow is disconnected...

    I also tried different connections:

    VIRUS TI -> PC usb1 mpk49 -> PC usb2

    VIRUS TI -> PC usb1 mpk49 -> VIRUS TI midi IN

    VIRUS TI -> PC usb1 mpk49 -> PC usb1 and -> VIRUS TI MIDI IN

    but the problem remains..




    here's the problem

    i start a new project in cubase 5

    i choose virus ti snow in vst instrument

    automatically a new dedicated midi track is created

    i open virus control and i choose a patch.

    i start playing with an akai mpk49 wired to another usb port

    after a few second the panorama bar in the virus control start to move on its own but there is no automation written yet

    how is it possible?



    samsung q70 with win 7 + virus ti snow + akai mpk 49

    Hi i have a virus TI snow in a usb port and an AKAI MPK49 in an other one.

    I open cubase 5 and after i open reason to use it in rewire mode.

    I use the Virus as a soundcard.

    Here's the problem: I cannot control reason devices with the AKAI because MIDI ports are already occupied by Cubase.

    Is it possible to find a configuration to control my virus as vst in cubase and rewired reason devices with the AKAI MPK49?