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    Been using my ti for a few years now. Finally decided to do some stuff with the vocoder and I am not able to get any signal in not matter what I do. I'm sending midim to it from Ableton via USB on my Macbook and feeding it external audio from another laptop. Nothing happens.

    I even tried putting it in "static" to make sure I'm getting audio. Nothing....

    Is there something I'm missing, like you cannot use the vocoder / atomizer when in USB mode something? I've been pulling my hair out with this for an hour now and EVERY possible configuration I can think of all results in no sound in or out of the Virus on a vocoder or atomizer patch.

    (yes I've tried checking and adjusting volume out from my other machine, I've tried the physicial out and the USB. I have notes being sent to the same channle on the TI - if I switch patches to a synth patch then I get the synth patch ....)

    all in all I seem to show no sound getting into the TI.

    Is there anything I might be missing here? Thanks...

    I get it now... Someone posted this over at infekted...

    I didn't understand that when you make your assignments under the "common" page, the labels like "morph", "infect" etc are ONLY LABELS. I assumed that those were some kind of pre-fab set of modulations - I still think it seems counter-intuitive for someone who doesn't get this because in any other condition, when you select a field, you're setting a parameter - not selecting the "NAME" of your parameter morph.

    This video is excellent, right to the point ... hope this helps anyone else who might be confused by this as well. :thumbsup:

    Time and again I just can't make heads or tails of the soft knob parameters and when I actually go to start make knob assignments, 80 percent of the time the destination - for example "mutate" doesn't do a darned thing.

    I don't understand why the list doesn't show you ONLY parameters that work with the source.:cursing:

    If I want to assign the distortion tone to a softknob, why can't I just select - "distortion" and then select "tone" from the 2 fields instead of something like field 1 "distrotion" -> "FELATIO-IZE" :rolleyes:

    Seriously, I think many users on here would agree that an overhaul of the softknob destinations and parameters into something much more logical and understandable would be a really helpful update. And please, at least make it so that parameters that show up in the dropdpwn list are ONLY parameters that will actually work with the source. I have so many great pacthes that I would love to be able to optimize for quick performance and assigning the soft knobs is often way toooo time consuming currently!


    .... because the TI is like that super hot chick who is just dumber that a rock. Although stability and reliability aren't it's strong suit, it sure as hell
    JB Vries

    Ha!!! 8o That is so true! If I didn't love the sexxxy sound this thing made I'd cheat on it and file for a divorce. It has been like a horrible girlfriend that I can't shake. I'm holding out for the bugs to get fixed but go through periods of wanting to just sell it.

    Hi, apologies for the tone of my post but I have a TI Snow and ever since updating to 4 my Virus acts completely unpredictably.

    Most notably, when sycing to Logic or Ableton after anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes it goes absolutely crazy. It speeds up and/or slows down uncontrollably - and I mean speeds up slows dwon ALOT. It's basically un-usable via USB.

    Sometimes the oscillators will detune themselves as well. The TI is absolutely Unpredictable - I literally cannot use it via USB in this condition. It worked great when I bought it, it's about 2 1/2 years old, I upgraded to 3.

    I have followed every setup recommendation to the letter. Buffer size, I have NOTHING else attached to my USB. I have tried the specified setup parameters numerous times - again exactly as instructed. I have also tried different settings. Nothing I do gets it to run without major problems.

    Here are my computer specs:

    I have a Mid 2009 Macbook pro - stock not changes. I use my Macbook with standard onboard audio - again no peripherals hooked up whatsoever.

    I also have a Mid 2009 Mac Pro 8 Core -8 gigs of RAM. My audio interface is used only on my Mac Pro - it's a TC konnekt 24d - it's Firewire so it is not sharing the USB bus.

    I have rolled back to 3.30 and I still have the same problems.

    Is there any version of the TI OS that is stable on both Macbook pros and Mac Pros - Mid 2009 versions? I don't care if it's earlier than 3.30, even 2 is fine - I just want the thing to work! Sorry for the rant, I am pretty bummed out though. I am copy and pasting this to support as well.

    Anyone with a macbook, and or leopard 10.5 users in general having stability issues with OS 4.0.5?

    After about 10-15 minutes of using it, the plugin starts glitching and then I get stuck MIDI notes, I also get distorted (jittery) audio, and it is extremely CPU intensive.
    Previous version was working great on on my desktop (Snow Leopard.) This version runs horribly!

    I have a TI snow... I'm wondering if there's a way to reduce the USB background noise generated when using the TI in USB mode. I'm not referring to clicks or bursts etc... just the constant background digital noise that occurs. It literally is useless for recording, the only way to make recording useful is to send the audio to the analog outs 1/2.

    I used to have a Fantom X and I was able to use a ferrite cable and it would get rid of the noise... is this also possible on the TI; could I use a ferrite USB cable to remove the digital noise?


    It'd be really!! nice if you could "bookmark" presets as favorites (from across all banks...). I understand you can make a favorties bank and store it in your preset directory but to have it built right into the TI plugin browser as a category (bank) would be infinitely useful !!!

    Please! :p this actually doesn't seem too unreasonable compared to some of the requests here!

    Cheers... Love my Snow!