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    This happened to me too. There was a storm and the house I'm staying has sketch electricity. I already blew one of IK multimedia mtms. What I did to fix it was unplug it and plug it back in. It booted up but without any of my patches in the RAM banks. Luckily I had a backup from last year. I restored it. Took 25 min. Unfortunately it keeps happening.

    This has happened three times in the past day. When I power up the virus, the welcome sign stay up and never boots up. I disconnected the power supply, and booted up but all my patches from RAM A - RAMO disappeared. I had to restore from my last back up. Any clue as to why this keeps happening. It takes about 25 minutes to restore and now I have to bring my computer to gigs.

    I have to set the master tuning to -64 and transpose up +2 to get standard A440 tuning. :( Unfortunately the snow doesn't have a global transpose. Does this mean I have to go and transpose each patch to + 2. I have tried everything. Re installed to firmware to the latest 0S. Tried to restore to a previous backup of my patches.

    I'm using a polar TI with a yamaha FC7 (volume pedal). I like playing patches with long delays and I like swelling in and out of the patch with the volume pedal. The problem is when I cut the volume with the pedal it also cuts the volume of the delay feedback. For some reason my motif does it without a problem and so does the nord wave. I've tried changing the control pedal to controller #91 which is patch volume. That didn't work either.

    Any suggestions?