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    If there is a way to use my SNOW without "Total Integration", with no sync problems I want it. Just midi via USB, good organised presets, one stereo out and enough. For now, using Virus SNOW in any project with Cubase 8 or Studio One 3 is a very frustrating. There is ALWAYS sync problem in some moment of building arrange. I hate it. Come on Access...please do something with your software.



    IMO it doesnt mater 1 or 4 bars. Snow is very unstable. I think I'll start using it without TI. But it is possible without USB cable ? Software still working ? My analog moog sub phatty can do that. It software remember settings via midi cable.

    Hi. I have problems with my Snow. Im using it via USB on Win 7 pro 64 bit, Cubase 7.5.2 64 bit. Software is updated. Virus loose sync and play long notes like very long release. But actual patch release is short. It happens randomly almost every time now. In that way Virus is useless. Is anyone can help ?