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    I trying to find some good modern breakbeat/electro patchs, the twisted synths and bass sounds, anyone have any suggestions, I would also love to know how these are made, if anyone knows of any tutorials I would love to know.

    Hope you guys can advise me J

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    Hi I have upgraded to cubase 5 with a new install of windows xp sp3, I am using a edirol ua 1010 as my sound device and a mk1 virus ti with all the lastest firmware and os, the virus is working fine but virus control is only showing up 1 audio channel in the cubase mixer, so if I select usb2 L-R or usb3 L-R I get no sound as these are missing in the mixer, please can some one help out I have no clue what to do and starting to panic a little, Thanks and looking forward to a reply .