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    Well I got it to work now with 10.6, after some headace....

    First I reformatted my Mac and installed Leopard (10.5). I then installed Virus TI Installer for MacOS X. In essence downgrading the Virus TI. This worked fine. Synced patches one time and then it worked fine.

    Then i reformatted the Mac again and installed Snow Leopard with irus TI Installer for MacOS X. This also now works....

    Who knows what the problem was... ?(


    I am just setting up my new TI2 whiteout. My first hardware synth btw.

    OS: Mac OS X 10.6.2
    Virus OS: Latest Public Beta
    DAW: Logic Pro 9

    Everytime i start Logic and open the Virus TI plugin it wants to sync patches. It has done this 3 - 4 times now and it takes a long time before I can do anything. Is this normal? How many times does it have to sync ?(