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    I just made 3 shamefully aweful videos improvising some stuff with the virus TI and a Mopho keyboard polychained to a Tetra. The Mopho is lined into the VIrus for FX and the tetra is lined directly into my mixer.
    The yellow keybard is the mopho, while the big silver/grey keyboard is a novation 61Sl MkII station controlling my Virus Ti desktop I. Hopefully you can get past my drunken playing and just enjoy the beatyful soundscape these two (three) machines create together. Whenever I just play around with anything and the Virus I just can't get enough of playing with the TI Tape delay and the reverb clock sync/feedback... I mean these two features are just so deep and fun to fiddle with live.

    If I'm not playing with the Virus solo, I at least use the virus as an extremely competent FX box for my analog gear at least once a day, and it is beautiful. I do not regret buying this piece of german gear.

    As you can see in these videos I am enjoying myself greatly, and this is while drunk. I don't think you can understand how much my virus Ti and other equipment give me pleasure unless you've got some gear yourself. It is an enourmous creative outlet for me... almost therapy to just play around with the gear each day. Some days it's arpeggios and FX, other days it is me playing and performance.
    Thank the gods for hardware synthesizers, and thank you Access music (and Dave smith instruments) for building such fun gear for me to play with.
    Again, Access music, you may be known for trance, but you haven't got a clue how much broader your gear can be used if you think trance is all. The tape delay alone is so beautiful it's almost bringing tears to my eyes right now. It's just so much fun, creatively and sonically. I feel ashamed that I cannot show you just how much I have enjoyed it and that you're only privy to these enebriated examples.

    I guess this is a love story between two (three) pieces of musical gear, the Virus TI and the DSI Mopho/Tetra. That's not completely true... it's a love story between a man and his gear. I think I understand Kraftwerk's The Pocket Calculator now.…ature=channel_video_title…ature=channel_video_title…ature=channel_video_title

    EDIT: Day after. Why do I do these things? :facepalm:

    Great hints.
    But where exactly is such a mono button?
    I guess it it supposed to bring the preset into monophonic mode?


    P.S. What is wrong with the Quote function in this forum?


    On your hardware, it's next to the sync button (centre of the keyboard, above the display). In Virus Control, it's in the Common tab, I believe.

    Patch management of the Virus TI is great. If you're using a DAW (like Cubase, for example), the patches you make in Virus Control will be saved with the song so you have unlimited patches in that sense.

    a) The TI 2 has 20% more DSP Power I think... the hardware is redesigned and it's lighter, otherwise it's the same machine, I believe, and the OS updates affect all TI's. If money is an issue, I'd go for a TI 1 if you can find one cheap.

    b) I also own a Korg Radias and DSI Tetra... "weak" isn't the word I'd use to describe the Virus ;) . As for using FX to fatten it up, the EQ section on the Virus itself is enough to fatten it up. I've had great success at making old-school analogue sounds (using less and less parameters each time). I've never had to use external FX's for the Virus... although compressors and limiters will help all audio sources, I suppose.

    c) The Virus Control has 16 parts, each with it's own midi channel. You have 3 hardware stereo outs on the virus itself, or 3 audio buses via USB (it might be 4 now, though). Of course, you could just solo and record each part separately once you're done composing, if you like mixing in your DAW.

    d) I don't use the hardware knobs when I'm using a DAW... I use automation instead, so this isn't really an issue.

    I suppose you have to ask yourself what you want. The Virus is a lot of synth, and the (major) OS updates is the best I've experienced yet. The Virus Control really makes the synth more accessible, not because it's hard to program via the hardware, but because there's no hassle of saving your patches to the hardware. It's fiddle and forget. The Radias has USB-midi and an editor for your computer, but it just isn't the same as having something like the Virus Control. You can save your patches to your own .mid banks on your computer as well.
    If I had to sell all but one of my synths, I'd keep the Virus because of its width.
    If you do buy a Virus, I'd suggest you keep the analogue synth for added flavour.

    I'm currently using the hardware line-in's on the Virus to get reverb and delay for my Tetra (or Tetr4, if you prefer). This is without any DAW running, so naturally I don't get any pops or glitches.
    I'd suggest using the hardware line-ins on your Virus TI, as you said, because it'd release some of the strain on your USB connection. I'm not sure if you'd need to use the physical (line) outputs of your Virus though... might be enough to route one of the audio signals using line.

    Well, at least I'm guessing it's your USB connection getting overworked.

    Hey, just thought I'd share my music here. I lack any genre direction, but I guess I'm heavily inspired by Vangelis, Jarre and Kraftwerk.
    The older tracks further down the playlist are more heavily sequenced, while the latest two were recorded "live" in Audacity, using over-dubbing.
    I actually don't mind if some beats are off on those, as I enjoy the more organic feel.
    Comments are appreciated, and yes, I suck at mixing and mastering. ;)