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    For me the 64bit beta worked flawlessly in Windows 7 and inside Cubase 5... however this doesn't do me much good as half of my other plugins don't work in the 64bit version of Cubase so I switched back to the 32bit version of Win7.

    Switching back to the 32bit Beta for the Virus TI... DOESN'T work in Windows. It works in Cubase as an ASIO device, but isn't recognized by Win7 32bit as a sound device. So I can make music, but never listen to any audio outside of a DAW.


    we are working on two things right now: Mac OSX 10.6 support and 64 bit support for windows.

    best, marc


    The other day I experimentally installed Windows 7 x64 and the Virus worked as a generic audio device with the built in Windows drivers...!

    ... and then stopped working the moment I decided to see what happens if I installed Virus Control. :S