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    Yes, I've read that description and assumed that for initial loading (no patch banks stored on the computer), the "sync banks" button should be on.
    Or more likely, the patch names will be downloaded regardless of the "sync banks" button state.

    Hi Hugo,
    Here's a screenshot of the error I'm getting. I also included the screen grab of Ctrlr MIDI settings, maybe I'm doing something wrong there?
    Basically, I'm setting Input device = Virus TI Synth, Output Device = Virus TI Synth, MIDI Controller = Remote SL (that's my controller keyboard. I'm using Virus TI desktop btw). Does channel selection matter? I thought SysEx is channel-independent.
    This is using latest nightly (1325), although it's the same error as before.

    [Blocked Image: ]

    Actually, I just tested some editing actions and they appear to work (e.g.changing filter type, turning arpeggiator on/off). So I must be on the right track, probably need to experiment some more. Also, the editing seems uni-directional - changes made on the Virus are not reflected in the panel. Is this normal?

    Anyway, thanks again for your help and efforts, much appreciated!

    Hi Hugo,

    I had a go at it, but couldn't get the panel to work with my Virus TI. There were different issues:

    • Trying to sync patches results in error (sorry, didn't take a screenshot, but it was something about SysEx). I did verify that SysEx reception is enabled on the Virus.
    • Sometimes, the panel would just stop responding to mouse clicks. Other panels opened in Ctrlr still work.
    • Other times, opening the panel resulted in loads of messages along the lines of 'Failed to import resource ..., resource already defined'. After clicking OK a dosen or so times, I had to kill the application (since I know Virus has over hundred parameters :)

    This occured using the latest nightly (1324) as well as the one you linked to (1305). I tried both 32- and 64-bit versions of Ctrlr, and also tried opening Ctrlr as VST plugin. No luck in either case.

    That said, I'm hugely impressed with your work - you've managed to nail the look and feel of VC and reproduce all of it's functionality. Kudos to you sir!

    When(if) I can get it to work, it's going to be huge - a full-featured Virus Control plugin without the latency and sync problems of the original. Basically, it's what many Virus users, including myself, have been asking Access to do.

    This looks great, got to check it with my TI Desktop.

    I had a look at your panel previously, and if I understand correctly, you basically made 4 copies of the same panel for the 4 parts. Do you think this would scale well to 16 parts of the desktop TI? I thought of having a single panel and global 'part' parameter, but then all SysEx messages should be generated by some function that takes it into account. That's where I got stuck :) If you have any idea how to implement this, I'd take a shot...

    The Virus is 16-part multitimbral, meaning in can play up to 16 different patches simultaneously (*), each patch assigned to a separate MIDI channel. For this, the Virus has to be in SEQ or MULTI mode.

    Now, I've heard the Octatrack is a great sampler, but if you just need to for MIDI sequencing, it might be an overkill. I'd suggest something like MPC1000.

    (*) in practice, you probably won't be able to play 16 simultaneous patches, but the point is, they all will be available for playing at some time during the song.

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: flabberbob beat me to it :thumbup:

    Yep, it's called recursive modulation. Try modulating envelope's attack or decay with the envelope itself (e.g. Filter Env -> Filter Env Attack).
    A couple of caveats:
    - It's not perfect; while it does affect the envelope curve, it won't give you a real exponential curve, for instance.
    - the displayed envelope shape (as in your screenshot) is not affected.

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to force the atomizer to use specific tempo? In other words, disable automatic beat detection?
    'Atomizing' non rhythmic sources (e.g. voice) is an interesting effect, and in such cases, beat detection is not desirable.
    Yesterday I was atomizing a friend's flute playing, and all my arps were speeding up trying to match a beat which was not there :wacko:

    I'm sure it's possible to get very decent results with free plugins, if you have a good ear and monitoring (I work in headphones, which is a no-no for mastering, but I'm just an amateur playing at home and have no other option). My personal favorites are:

    (*) I've read somewhere that it's generally better to have several limiters each doing a little gain reduction than one working hard.

    Hope this helps 8)

    I'm using Maschine and VC inside Reaper, and there it is trivial - simply create a MIDI send from Maschine track to VC track.

    If I understand correctly, you're using Maschine in standalone mode and instantiate VC as a plugin inside it. I never tried that, but as a guess - try inserting VC in a Group effect slot, rather than a single Sound.

    Hope this helps.

    A new but related issue to this post has come up and I'd like confirmation if this how it's working for everyone.

    When saving a patch, upon reloading, all the locked sections turn up unlocked. Is section locking not something that can be saved?

    Thank you.

    This is by design; section locking is a feature of the VC editor and not a property of the patch itself. For the intended purpose (trying out different patches while keeping part of the settings intact), it makes perfect sense. How would it work if every patch had its own locking settings?

    [quote='MarPabl',index.php?page=Thread&postID=19799#post19799Alternatively, try using [b]Modulation Matrix[/b] with a Random source and the destination should be Panorama.[/quote]

    This. Using an LFO (either in S&H or S&G mode) will change panning of notes while they're playing.
    The Random mod source gets a value at note-on and doesn't change while that note lasts, which seems to be what the OP is after.

    It definitely should work. Without Virus Control plugin, the Virus functions just like any old hardware synth.

    Just a wild guess - since the Polar has a keyboard, it should have a setting like "local control" or "keyboard control" (don't know exactly, got a desktop TI myself), which connects/disconnects the synth engine from the keyboard. Make sure it's ON...