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    I'm playing a gig on Saturday and I'm using the Virus TI2 live for the first time in a long while. I'm setting up some multi patches for the performance, and I am also using a laptop which will be running pre-recorded drums and bass.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to put the stereo output of my laptop straight through the Virus (not modify it or use atomizer with it) whilst also using the synthesizer parts? This would mean I wouldn't need to take my mixer along to mix the two.
    I had an idea of maybe using one of the parts in the multi patches for the audio, but I'm not to sure how to do this, and I'm worried the audio would cut out when I switched between patches.

    I'll be honest, I've never put any audio through my Virus, never needed to.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, lightening my load to carry on the bus is my main concern!


    I'm using my Virus in Logic Pro 8 with VC installed, when I am recording a track using the virus keyboard as an input the notes are played in time, but when I look back at the MIDI that is recorded all the notes are moved slightly before the line they were hit on.

    I used to think this was my bad keyboard playing, and the fact I'm used to synth action keyboards, but I've tested it a few times now and I am definitely not the problem.

    I don't have this problem when I use my Mac qwerty keyboard to input notes, nor when I use my drum machine via MIDI through my M-Audio Fast Track ultra USB.

    I've checked all the settings in Logic to do with MIDI delays and so on, but they are all set to 0. The fact the notes are being moved forwards in time suggests the opposite of latency, but I don't know what it could be.

    I'm pretty sure it is something to do with my virus as I've never had any problems like this with other equipment.
    My virus is plugged into a usb 2 socket directly into the back of my mac, no extension cables or splitters

    can anyone help please?It's getting pretty annoying trying to record with it now


    I have a vague memory of seeing a picture where someone took apart a desktop blofeld and it had access stamped on the board, and when blofeld went bust the designers moved over to access. Also, I find the editing menu system very similar on both of them, as is the polyhpony allocation when certain filters and effects are used, there aren't many synths that give a vague estimation of their polyphony in specifications.Largo and VC look a little similar. there's something going on.....or maybe I'm imagining it

    I am all for user wavetables in the Virus as opposed to full blown sampling. I've never bought the upgrade for my blofeld as the mac version seems too buggy, plus it is straight sampling rather than waveforms and wavetables.....I think....and I'm pretty sure Waldorf and Access are the same company....just a feeling
    It would be like having your own little PPG.

    AtonyB, From what I know 4 pole filters are 24dB/oct, does the analogue emulation the virus offers differ? 48dB/oct seems ridiculous to me, but would explain why using the 4pole analogue filter sucks so much cpu
    I agree about the dark sound of the filter, but it's supposed to sound like that, "fat and warm". I whack up the resonance a bit to retain the clarity.
    The oscillators in the virus are pretty dark to start off with.
    The Moog filter is a lot darker than the ARP and Curtis filters, I know what you mean though about it changing the sound even when it's open

    I got my TI2 keyboard just before christmas, and I think due to the polar being more portable and popular amongst Djs, the keyboard version was £100 cheaper, which suited me fine! it was either that or get a heavier TI1 for around £300 less ex-display or second-hand. My view was if I was going to be spending that much money, i needed a warranty, and the more powerful of the two (I've not used all that power yet though!)
    By the way, I think the TI1 looks better, even though my TI2 is growing on me now, thoughts?

    free updates was one of the selling factors when I decided on a Virus, and from what I've heard of the first TI they definitely should be free.
    Look what Dave Smith instruments do with the prophet 08 and poly evolver (both similar price to the TI), if the endless encoders are knakkered, you have to pay for a new pot board. fair enough, you only pay the price so they don't make money off you, but things like this and the voice break-up in the first TI are faults, which should come under the warranty?!
    Anyway, bring on the new OS, it's maybe not something I would pay for without trying, but seeing as it's FREE, it will get used! (I've never upgraded my Blofeld because of the price, and the fact that without trying the feature, I'm not sure if I'll use it or not)

    I'm using the latest versions of Logic Pro 8 and Virus Control, and I want to be able to separate all the parts of the TI2 like individual channel strips, so I can add insert effects to each one separately. I've searched through the forum, and I found someone who had a similar problem, but I've tried this method and it only gives and extra 2 stereo auxillaries (USB 2 and 3), rather than the 16 I would like
    multi-out in logic 9 thread
    Is this the best I can get, or is there a method that will get me the 16 separate instruments I want? I'm willing to try anything, no matter how complicated it is!
    If it isn't possible, is there any way of sending individual parts to auxillaries in Logic for send-effects?
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!