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    Phase correction. The way a classic 4-pole (or multi-pole) filter works when you turn up the resonance is to do with signal processing theory. You have to consider the phase of the signal as a function of frequency when it's passing through your filter. At high resonance, the low frequencies are phase shifted by pi, so they cancel leaving you with no bass. It's how they were designed. The standard virus LPF shouldn't have as much of a severe bass cut as the analogue modelled ones.

    Go to DSP related or similar website for a proper understanding of filters. The more you know about electronics, the faster you can make specific sounds, as you'll know what your hardwear is doing, even if it's only a chip rather than discrete circuits.

    I was just trying this and managed to make the most analogue sounding set of bass presets I've ever gotten out of the virus. Somehow got 1 saw osc to sound really fat. Still trying to get maximum squelch! I think a combination of moderate wide distortion and slight filter saturation works. If you go too far it just sounds like a 303 through a distortion box.

    I think a couple of them are in patch banks A and O. The ones ending in 'SV' perhaps. I've found a couple of them, but they're tweaked while playing in the demos so it's not that easy to tell which is which. I would tell you more but I've currently got my virus off as I spilt something over it.. :pinch:

    Uhh.. I just spent an hour trying to get it to work in wavetable mode. If you have osc Wave Select as the mod destination, whatever you use as the source will just make it randomly jump to a different wavetable irrelevant of the mod source. After 10 seconds or so the osc ends up as a pure sine (in my experience) and you have to remove the moduation altogether.

    Why did Access code it to only work with classic and not wavetable? Does the hardware have enough power to do a wavetable select sweep?

    Maybe this feature along with comb filters and audio range LFO's will be in the next update, please please!

    Get a different wavetable on each osc, maybe sine on one and another smooth one on osc2. Modulate the hell out of the WT index with whatever you like. Add some reverb and chorus. Spend plenty of time trying out bandpass filters on both filt 1 and 2, get the cutoff right and maybe add just a little resonance.

    I think I'm doing something wrong though because when I have an osc set to wavetable and try modulating the Wave Select, after a few minutes the oscillator seems to default to a sine and the whole patch needs resetting to get that osc to use anything other than classic shapes... My only guess is that the internal operating system can't cope with this.

    One of my favourite sounds is Ti|Bell SV. I love the way the sub bass makes my body jiggle, and the eerie hollow feel it has. It's sort of given me the habit of using OSC3 as a -12 detuned sine for most pads to thicken them nicely.

    Probably my favourite feature is using the Phaser with just the right amount of feedback and frequency to make the bass enter your head. I can't seem to do it every time, but when it works, it's like a masseuse is playing with your frontal lobes, lovely. Can you control the phase of each oscillator separately? That way you could do this every time.

    They just sound like filtered/heavily filtered HyperSaw pads with a long release time and some reverb.

    You will probably only need one hypersaw osc for those as theyre not particularly dense. Try setting osc 1 to hypersaw with a medium density, 3.0 - 5.0 should be fine. Experiment with the detune factor until it sounds good, higher values often make richer sounds. Filter it with a LP filter down to 50-70, wherever sounds good to you, maybe a touch of resonance. Try the normal LPF or the analog multipole filters for a more organic sound. The 4-pole analog to my ears is less harsh than the Virus' stock LPF. Add some modulation, perhaps slight oscillator pitch modulation with a slow sine on LFO1.

    Add some reverb with high time factor.

    Play some chords!

    It's half fixed. I went into device manager from control panel and looked at USB devices. The Virus had a warning beside it saying that the USB drivers STILL weren't installed (why I don't know). So I installed those and it now works as a USB device. But the drivers for audio and midi can't be found, it refuses to install them. Maybe I have to reboot each time, but both of those stil have warnings beside them in device manager.

    I successfully installed on my Win XP 32bit pc, but Virus Control Center will just not find the Virus. Strangely the Virus is seen by XP as a USB audio device and I can choose it and use it as a sound card, but I can't communicate with it in any way for some reason. It's odd considering the .msi install file worked fine.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Should I install an OS version that works with Control Center instead?

    why not make one thread to throw them all in here?

    anyway my biggest requests:

    Comb Filters
    Oscillators as modulation sources in the mod matrix
    A Third Envelope
    LFO's that go way into the audio range

    This is exactly what I want. I'll be honest I'm not that fussed about a 3rd envelope, but I'd love some comb filters and LFO's up to 20kHz, even more FM fun! I think if all the LFO's went to ~20kHz you wouldn't need the oscs as mod sources so much, just my opinion.

    I really doubt the materials are a problem, there would be plenty of alternatives. The real problem is probably the cost. But I would be happy to spend an extra £50 or so if the Virus had 25-30 LED pots, I'd much rather that than more processing power, which it doesn't really need.

    Ideally a comb filter and LED pots is what I would like to see next, oh and obviously whiteout skin as default! :D

    P.S. There's a video of a nord 3 with several of the parameters modulated via the mod wheel. When the guy tweaks it, the whole panel lights up like a christmas tree, it's truly awesome!

    I'm not joking when I say that if Access put LED graphs around the pots on the Virus I would go out and buy another one today, probably. Similar to the Nord rack 3. You could have different colours for different sections. Filters - blue, env - red, osc - purple etc. Imagine how great it would be to see all that light up and change when you switch patches!

    I'll be honest, I really wasn't fussed about a tiny bit more processing power or slightly less weight (I actually prefer a sturdy feeling unit so I bought a Ti 2nd hand) but something like this would just be awesome.