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    Dear Access team,

    on the one hand it's so sad and bitter to see, how you orphaned an outstanding synthesiser from Mac perspective. You cancelled (let me use cancelled here as I see no way to get it integrated into the DAW on Mac again) one of its core features (at least for me, probably for many others, too).

    On the other hand I'm seriously annoyed since you, resp. your retailers, still advertise with a feature which is not available:

    • Virus Control 3.0 VST and Apple Audio Unit Plug-for Mac OS X and Windows XP. The remote seamlessly integrates the Virus TI into your sequencer, making it feel just like a plug-in. (Sweetwater, online shop)

    It would be a lame excuse if you said that it's up to the retailer to check for compatibility. This information is to broadcasted by you (did you?). 2nd, Mac's Catalina was released on October 7, 2019, announced on June 2019. So please nobody tell me to 'stick with Mojave' for time being.

    So maybe you want to do me and probably others a favour and shed some light on the current situation (Are you really committed to support integration on Mac in future? If yes, what's the progress so far?) and inform your retailers that you are not supporting the current Mac OS - it's just fair to be honest and tell this to new customers. Personally I'd be /really/ pissed off buying a new £2000 Synth recognising soon later that I got tricked by its feature list. Sure it's only 1 item on a long feature list but...

    As I previously said, it's a brilliant piece of hardware but a real PITA regarding the software on Mac.

    Kind (of unhappy) regards - ewo

    That's it :thumbsup: - the CONFIG button clicks but obviously doesn't accept. Pressing the button a bit harder and jiggling a little does the trick now.
    I guess that's something the local music store can fix, but now I know what the problem is.
    Many thanks flabberbob!


    a) Does it change to remote mode when you press down the key combo?
    b) If it does, do you load a remote template (config/remote on VC)?
    c) Is the synth configured to send MIDI out (config menu on the LCD)?

    a) what do you mean by 'key combo'? shift+CONFIG doesn't change anything at all
    b) I tried different templates and made my own - it does not send out any controller change
    c) MIDI works nicely, I can use quickcontrols flawlessly if the TI VST is not loaded. If the plugin is loaded (no matter on which Cubase track or the instrument rack), I still can play on the keyboard and the MIDI keyboard data flows correctly, but no controller data is sent.
    The Cubase MIDI monitor shows no activity on the MIDI in if a controller is moved after the plugin is loaded.

    Using Cubase 5&6 I've been having these problems, too.
    AFAIR this problem has been solved by Steinberg with either an update of Cubase 6 (6.0 still suffered thuis issue) or with the 6.5.
    At least I haven't seen this problem now for quite some time.
    Increasing the audio buffer helped a little, but didn't solve the problem entierly.


    maybe that's answered somewhere, but I didn't find any solution for me so far...
    I want to use my Virus TI2 as a (CC) controller in Cubase to control several parameters in Cubase (Cubase 7.0.3 on Windows 7, 64bit)
    This works nicely via QuickControls as long as the TI VST plugin is not involved. It seems to grab all control commands and route them to the plugin only (except the ModWheel).
    In the manuals I found the hint to use the TI Remote Mode by clicking shift+CONFIG ("In order to use the TI’s Remote functionality, you must first switch it into Remote Mode. To do this, press SHIFT+CONFIG."), alas it doesn't work for me.

    Am I doing something basically wrong or could someone help me?

    Many thanks in advance,