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    I read through all available manuals, but I'm still having trouble with latency. The virus (latest os) is directly connected to a brand new macbook pro (fastest configuration you can buy right now), fresh installation. Right now when I'm using TI I can still feel the latency while playing. Today I did a short test in Logic (of course configured as recommended in the tutorial/manual):

    First try (light blue) is me hitting the Virus (you can see the midi note) and recording directly from the Virus. The sound (a kick drum - so it's visually easy to identify the exact start of the audio) is almost there before the midi note is recorded - perfect.

    Second try (green) is me playing the Virus and recording the output of the TI plugin/DAW (via RME's Loopback function) at 64 Samples buffer size - it's really sluggish.

    Third try (dark blue): This time with the plugins' Direct Monitoring enabled and recording the analog outs of the Virus - still really sluggish.

    The orange and red tracks is me playing the virus keyboard but triggering a kick drum in Battery and recording the DAWs output via Loopback again. It looks a little off but feels alright.

    So I'm wondering why the TI plugin's latency seems to be almost 10x from "normal" plugins. Any ideas?

    Thanks, jojo

    Hey there,

    I created a new multitimbral instrument track in Logic and loaded the multi-output version of the TI Plugin (3x Stereo Out it says), but in the plugin I can only assign stereo outputs 1 & 2 (works perfect), but in the drop down menu output 3 is greyed out. Sorry if this has been brought up before, I couldn't find any similar post. Any ideas? Tips? Maybe I'm just missing something.

    Thanks, jojo