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    I love the power and simplicity of the virus arp and would like to use it to drive a future retro XS, SH101 and Moog Voyager.

    I realise that if I unplug USB, place the Virus in single mode, alter the config settings to export arp it works great. But....

    In that mode I have no graphical representation of the arp.

    Whilst I realise I could design the arp in TI mode, unplug the USB and use it external to the sequencer I'd rather be able to put the arp notes on a track in logic, then use the virus to drive the other synths and edit the arp in TI mode realtime until I'm happy.

    Is this possible?

    Sorry if I've not made myself clear!

    Best wishes


    I may have missed this but the ability to save or copy arp patterns between patches. I've sometimes come up with great arps that fit the groove but find it very difficult/time consuming to duplicate them on other patches. Currently using a nearly as time consuming capture of midi out but not really as easy as it could be.

    Third env would be good

    and a couple of 16 step modulators like on the Radius would be interesting

    Otherwise as per the other posts!


    I bought mine last week and have it plumbed into logic. It is great and has been much easier to get going via logic than my M3 which really made my brain ache. As for updates. I'd rather they were free and think this is a good sop to those that have had difficulties, at least you know they will get you sorted in the end. If however it was between the company going bust and surviving (I don't think thats the case of course) then I'd stick my hand in my pocket. I think the virus is a classic and sits next to my SH101. The virus of its day!