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    I have just been loading up some old projects that used the TI and I've been noticing that in some case where the TI was previously close to its limit, but still managing to play all track without dropping notes its now unable to do so and in fact dropping a lot of notes. These patches pre-date newer features, in fact many only use B/C capabilities.

    Just curious if this is expected.

    IMHO there hasn't happened anything new in the domain of digital synths since 2009 in general. The Virus TI and the Blofeld are still the top hardware synths.

    As hardware synths - true, however the plugin world has come along in leaps and bounds helped an considerable increase in CPU and memory resource.

    I have to admit, because the product is still unstable and feels somewhat unfinished (too many outstanding issues) despite the many very welcome new synth engine features, I cant help getting the feeling this has been abandoned part way through an idea. I guessing the code is 'in bits' with a load of half done but abandoned new development that none can remember after 3 years...

    If Access have a future at all past Moto 56K dps end of life, then I guess they would be somewhat panicked and very busy re-writing everything for the kemper amp and virus from scratch (perhaps in in C++) instead of assembler. Maybe they had a panic when they realised time was running out for their dsp platform and pretty much dropped everything to ensure they have some hope of a future at all.

    Personally, after my experience with 12 years of virus TI (and im my personal opinion, then complete failure of the TI part), I think I would be far more likely to invest in a virus DAW plugin than any future hardware synth - especially after the price got hiked from 1500 UKP to 2250 UKP. That a hell of alot to pay for something with so many long standing issues and in a somewhat abandoned looking state.

    Perhaps there is some hope they may be rewriting it in C++...

    Any chance that this long standing issue will get resolved so that I can once again plug my TI in my Mac or PC without having to replace the firmware.

    Current situation is crazy. I could understand if it was a temporary thing (a couple of weeks while another platform caught up), but 3 years+?

    Please, just release a windows software suite that works with the latest mac firmware.

    The TI right now feels like it was abandoned while the toys were out of the pram...

    Access - this is deeply irritating - please release a version match for windows that works with a version of virus control that works with the two latest OSX releases.

    I cannot be the only person on the planet who uses OSX and Windows?

    Yes - I know its odd, and wrong and like its trying to get power etc :)

    OK, the power cycling seems it might be a hovering ground issue. If I plug the audio outs into my audio interface, it stops power cycling, however other problem remains - it still causes RME totalmixfx to think the UFX has just been plugged in whenever I plug in the TI or even standby/resume the TI while the TI is plugged in.

    (Remember this is a very old TI-K - one of the very first you shipped to retail.)

    Ive no idea whos fault it is - yours or RME (or even Apple?). It only affects the UFX (nothing else seems to think it has just been plugged in) and nothing else being removed or plugged in is causes this to happen. I have no idea if other RME product are affected in this way.

    Any chance between you and RME you could look into it - extremely annoying trying to work when the DAW keeps switching to totalmixfx.

    Unfortunately I dont know what TI OS version I was using before I noticed this - Im pretty sure it started happened when I updated to the current beta a month or so back. At the same time I also updated UFX firmware and drivers which didnt work.

    So I rolled them back, they still didnt work correctly - it seems something else that had changed had upset them. RME refuse to accept anything could possibly be wrong, even though a candidate driver they had on their forum partially fixed the problem (which now was stalling and distortion through the UFX). It was only after I installed that driver on that I was left with just totalmixfx jumping to the front alot rather than a heap of other problems as well. As mentioned in previous post, I eventually exclusively tied this last problem down to a bad interaction between UFX and TI.

    Rolling back the TI firmware and driver to the current release didnt help, so not a current beta release issue. It might be a 4.1 issue, but I dont have an earlier one to try and cant even remember what version I was using before.

    So from this, I personally feel that something changed in TI OS/Driver 4.x onwards to affect this, but the real fault is probably with RME - maybe even totalmixfx. However they now flatly refuse to communicate with me on the issue telling me to go UK distributor or the retailer - not very helpful at all.

    Any questions/clarification - please ask. If you have my email address still, happy to pick it up via email.

    Adam (may remember me from the old beta days)

    I have this wierd and really annoying problem with the Virus TI (v1 keyboard) where it seems to keep causing other USB devices to drop out momentarily (but it doesnt seems to disrupt audio) on my 2011 MBP 17, OSX 10.6.7 with latest updates. All other hardware drivers are up to date.

    I first noticed it when using the latest bet, but still applies after uninstalling everything and going back to the latest release version.

    I particularly notice this with my RME UFX as it causes the totalmixfx to think its just been connected and grab focus. It also causes lights to flash at the same time on various other controllers - particularly noticeable with APC40 and Kore 2 and can even mess up iLok and eLicenser dongles requiring that they be inserted again sometimes.

    I have confirmed that it only happens when the Virus TI is plugged in.

    Also I note that when I plug it into USB (any MBP usb port or even via a belkin hub), The Virus TI power cycles itself. Same when I unplug it - allmost like the internal electronics is actually switching from the mains power to USB power, but with a gap between. At this time, I havn't been using VS for a while, so I don't know if it affects that. I don't ever remember it doing this before in the many years I had it, though only recently that I've started to use it on a MBP with OSX.

    Not tried it again in a PC to see if it does similar on windows.

    No idea what triggered it or when, but I suspect it might have been when the beta was installed on it.
    Also after reverting to the release version, it was OK for a day or so, but starting to play up again.

    Marc - any clues/workarounds?

    kcinsu - completely agree with your aims 100%. Ive feature requested this kind of thing in Live lots of times - I guess most people just dont understand/see the benefit ?(

    The argument that you can use CCs is fine *if* what you want to control is available as a CC. :rolleyes: As for drawing all you automations in a single lane - sorrry - its useless for session view where you want often independent clips for controlling indepent parts.

    So what I have resorted to is using the mod matrix (spare slots allowing) to map some CCs to groups of parameters within the TI. I keep the CC #s I use consistent, so there is basically only a small number of Cs I have to remember, so selecting them in the drop down list is easy. Sadly it means Im forever running out of matrix slots - so I feature requested more matrix slots or a seprate simpler midi control matrix with Access - I dont they were impressed/could see the point and/or Im not depeche mode etc. :)

    I guess the real answer given that DAW manufacturers are all increasingly softwrae only focussed is for Access to ditch the single plugin instance architecture and develop a new multi-plugin architecture - upto 16 plugins for the full TIs and upto 4 for the Snow's - this might finally solve the TI keyboard/polar/desktop vs Snow plugin compatibility problem which TBH has been a nightmare for us after being told they wold be compatible by a store as well as solving the shared automation track headaches (which have basical made use of automation completely non-viable for me - may as well be an entirelyy separate hardware synth if it wasnt for virus control as an editor.)

    I think Im started to drift very much into the "want an entirely software TI plugin camp - integration as is just inst working" - ie forget the hardware - intergration just isnt good enough (USB and other headaches) and the single instance plugin architecture is just a pain. if access made a dedicated controller of appropriate build quality and created a software plugin, ditched the audio part of the TI concept - then perhaps I might at least find the workflow I wanted in the first place. Ive had a TI since the first first TIs shipped - and thinking back over those years - it hasnt exactly been the pleasent ride it should have been. These days I tend to use other synth plugins - *just because it less hassle*, though the TI is allways my goto digital synth to actually play independent of a computer - its just a shame that the integration have never been close enough to being my idea of what integration should have been.

    Lets hope someone sees sense and rethinks it one day - it isnt that hard to make work - Ive done multi plugin instance to single hardware interface instance plugins for other purposes, so Im sure Access could manage it - given a will to do so - it might given them alot more design flexibility in the future too for future products :)