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    If you are on a mac and can specify what you're using I could make that for you as long as you use something that can be recognized as a HI device, I've done similar things with apple trackpad, McAlly airstick and wimotes, for plain live use without a computer that would be just a little bit more of a challenge, but I'm sure I can figure that out as well

    just send me a mail at llumen [at] me [dot] com




    What I mean is that it doesn't matter which outputs i use in other projects.
    When i load the virus in an existing project there is no way I get the TI synced, it is always out of sync with the other audio units in my setup.

    also with the clicktrack+metronome which is the klopfgeist AU anyway

    I want to test this thoroughly, but I have no idea how

    the metronome is indeed in sync with the virus usb outs.
    However in any other project it is out of sync.

    I'm not sure what to do now, i saw the setting up tutorials but when the virus is not in sync with the rest of the project I can't use it and this is a huge bummer.
    is there any good step by step that can be used to make this go away?



    I also tested the tutorial song in order to see if everything is in sync, which it wasn't. Either with the USB out as with the Physical outs.
    I next rerouted all of the TI outputs from USB to physical and armed an audio track in logic and recorded the whole thing.
    Although I didn't measure it to the ms, it seems there is a latency of aprox 1/64 of a note at the songs BPM

    It realy sucks being not able to get this beast in sync with everything else! Again I have no problems with any of my other hardware synths running through the MOTU



    Hi all,

    I just bought a new desktop TI to sit along my Virus Indigo and a bunch of softwynths I'm using within Logic Studio on a 8core mac pro boosting 12GB of ram and a Motu 828 mk III.

    The problem is I can't figure out latency problems with the TI, I tested my setup playing a part on the TI routing it to out 1L+R (physical NOT usb) and recording the track again on an audio track. It seems that the virus is about 1/32 to soon.

    Also when I just play the virus through usb outs I can't figure out the timing issues, but I hear that it is in no way in sync with the rest of the project, recording any other hardware synth is not an issue so there is no noticeable latency with my Motu soundcard.

    Is there a way to figure this out, and can anybody help me with this?




    I guess the subject says it all, I have an Indigo and planning to buy a desktop TI, since I don't have another keyboard at the moment I was wondering if it was possible to use the indigo as a controller for the TI.

    I buy the new TI for the TI part (and hypersaws) and want to to most of my patching in the AU plugin, but since playing synths is all about the knobs I hope to use my indigo as a controller

    Is there some info on how to set this up if at all possible? And what about displays will turning a knob on the indigo just display what is turned on the indigo or is there some weird magic that can actually display TI info



    first post here!
    Since I moved I hooked up mu Virus(B) Indigo again after way to long. I was a fond sounddiver user and still feel kind of disappointed that there is no way to do this (yes I know there is MidiQuest around)
    So I was thinking to either make my own editor (although I haven't got a clue how yet) or update my Virus.

    I am resenting the fact that I would have to sell my Indigo, but I am grown accustomed to working with plugins in Logic so much that I really like the way the TI is supposed to work.
    So my questions are the following:
    1) is there a difference in sound between the snow and the tabletop TI? for example what does the second DSP actually do, is it polyphony only or does it really uses 2 DSP's to fatten the sound (because we all love fat sounds!)
    2) could I use my virus indigo as a controller for the snow, do the buttons and knobs of the B more or less relate to what is on the TI?