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    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to virus/sound design/synthesis. I want to make a thick screaming lead sound kinda like the one in 'Slam' by Pendulum, just everything I've tried just sounds thin and lifeless. I've tried on my nord wave too so it's clearly something I am or not doing.

    Is there any tips or advise anyone could please give me?

    Thanks Jeff

    Hi Peeps,

    I'm new to this forum and thought I'd introduce myself.
    I'm from London in the UK, I've been making music for about 14 years. I started off on messing about on a keyboard then got on to Rebirth RB338 V.1, I then progressed on to Reason v.2 and am now using Ableton Live 8.

    Just started buying hardward instruments about 2/3 years ago, Proteus 2000 and Roland 1080 (Both got sold). My current set up is PC based using Live 8 and a few plug ins and hardware wise I've got a Nord Wave, the excellent Access Virus TI2 desktop, Roland SH201, Rocktron Talkbox an Alesis compressor (sorry can't remember which model) and an MPC1000.

    Although I've been producing for 14 years (mainly Garage music) I don't have a great deal of experience with synths, so appologies if I asks for help with some really basic sounds :wacko:

    I'm now into making more house/trance music which I will post some demos up in the future.

    Anyway I looking forwards to conversing with you all