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    I am trying to update from 4.02 to 4.90 and when I update "Receiving Last Bank 15" is a message my Virus B gets stuck on during OS update attempts. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this. I have had nothing but slowness and repetitive responses from customer support about trying different cables mostly. I have tried multiple cables OS's interfaces and programs. The update starts and it takes about 10 minutes then freezes on, "Receiving Last Bank 15". Does that mean that a setting I have is off. Here is how I currently have everything set under the Midi System settings...

    Midi Dump TX = SingleBuff
    Midi Dump RX = Enable
    Midi Global Chan = 1
    Midi Panel = Int+Midi
    Midi ArpeggSend = On
    Midi ClockRx =Auto
    MidiVolume = Enabled
    Midi ProgChange = Enabled
    Midi MultiProChg = Disabled
    Midi Device ID = 1
    Midi Control LoPage = Sysex
    Midi Control HiPage = Sysex

    System Memory Protect = Off

    I have used mainly Win7 64-Bit and Win XP 32-Bit. I have tried a generic 1-in 1-out midi interface with cables the plug direct in and my Motu Midi Express 128 on multiple ports with multiple cables. The software I have tried to use has been Freeloader, FL Studio, and Midi Ox. Hopefully somebody out there has some help for me. Also if somebody suggests a certain software please say some short steps on how to load the midi file and make sure it's communicating with the Virus B. Thank you to all in advance who respond as I am desperate being that I'm stuck on Version 4.02. I need to get out of 2001!