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    Thanks for the feedback.
    I did try the lfo route but the overall curve of the sweep needs to be controlled by the envelope for it to sound to my taste - i'm kinda picky on details.
    Gonna try the envelope follower route next time - good thinking ;-)


    @ BC - will test out the mono modes, note length is pretty short though

    Hi all,

    I have a question about the arp/filterenv interaction
    It seems that every note the arp plays retriggers the env internally, is there a possibility to change this behaviour so that the filterenv is triggered by the incoming midi note instead of the arp?
    I started wondering because i was making this "bubbly" arp sweeping in from low to high into reverb, using the filterenv for the sweeping action but i had to revert to sending an actual arp from the daw to the TI because of said behaviour.
    Not a big deal, i know, but there are some cool arp patterns in the ti and its a bummer i cannot use them for this.



    ps: i am on os 4.5.3

    Good job!

    Going to test this on my (old) laptop somewhere the next few days, this will be great to reduce the workload i usually get when using VC on it - only has 1 gig of ram so i welcome every way to preserve memory .

    I hope Access is cool with this plug


    I took the liberty to post this on dogs on acid since there are quite a lot of virus users there aswell, thread is located here:…p?p=10616342#post10616342

    I also experience slow/laggy gui behaviour on my system. When i turn off the gui (long live reaper :-) ) all is smooth again.
    This happens on my (old) p4 laptop and on my desktop, both use nvidia graphics cards. Maybe something to do with that?

    You have both options, but imo the best way is to send & recieve your audio via your audio-interface with logic's i/o plugin.
    Just hook up spare outputs of your soundcard to the inputs of the virus & then go from the virus' outputs back to your soundcard & tell the i/o plugin to send & receive from those in- & outputs.
    You will probably have to adjust the input settings of the virus (there are multiple input settings, these attenuate or amplify the input signal).
    Not at home right now so i cannot give a step by step explanation but you can find info on this here or in the manual.

    PS: if you happen to play electric guitar, try plugging that in your virus. I tried this recently (straight in, no amp or di) & the results are stupifyingly superb!

    +1 on the "split" filter - routing osc to filter A OR B
    Also i would appreciate a way to call up the multi's made in standalone mode in the plugin, mainly for store/recall purpose.


    looks like the multi thing is a big request but not possible in VC but possibly in the control center? I hope you guys can make this work ...

    *edit 29/6*

    possibility to send parameters out of mod matrix to external midi devices; lfo, envelopes and arp to mod come to mind

    I have followed advice i found over at and it worked for me.
    original thread here:

    You need to install this windows update:

    Micro$oft update info:

    "Correct TSC synchronization
    On some operating systems, the processor TSC may change the rate at which it counts. Additionally, the processor TSC may stop counting when specific processor power management features are used. On computers that have multiple processors, the TSC is typically the operating system hardware timer that supports calls to the kernel KeQueryPerformanceCounter function. When TSC does not increment monotonically, system components that use the kernel KeQueryPerformanceCounter function may not work correctly. To address this problem, Microsoft makes it possible for the ACPI Power Management Timer to be used as the operating system timer that supports the kernel KeQueryPerformanceCounter function. However, some programs may directly access the TSC by bypassing the Windows timer APIs. The multiple-processor Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) makes sure that the TSC registers on all processors on a multiple-processor computer remain closely synchronized. Therefore, access by system software that may be directed to different processors does not return different results. This change makes sure that the multiple-processor HAL continues to correctly synchronize the TSCs across all processors on a computer, even if the ACPI power management timer is used as the operating system hardware timer. "

    M$ states that this update is for xp sp2 only, i use sp3 and the installer did its job, upon reboot the sync issues are gone :D

    This is the setup:

    RS7000 midi out a to ti2 midi in
    ti2 midi out to RS7000 midi in
    on the virus knob behaviour is set to midi so it doesn't echo from the RS7000

    When i am in multi mode i press edit to go into the "edit single" mode. I browse to surround and re-assign the output to L2 and instantly all parts are routed to that output. I have no clue why this is happening - i hope i am overlooking something obvious.

    Greetings from Gent, Belgium to all here!

    I bought my first virus last week, went for the TI2 desktop and am loving it :thumbsup:
    I like programming my own sounds but up until now i only managed to create about 10 sounds, the included presets are keeping me busy at the moment.
    Loving the fact i can use the TI to beef up my other synths by feeding them to it - my nord lead now sounds like its on steroids and i can make the juno sound even grittier than it already is 8)
    Also loving the "all over usb" daw integration, even though i bought it to hook it up to my hardware sequencer i've been going all out on the pc most of the time for now.

    I know i will have lots of fun with my virus for years to come, bigup to the access team for building this awesome synth :!: