how do i pitch in fruity loops or in sequencers in general, by drawing "pitchnotes"

  • i don't get it.
    how can i pitch in fruity loops by using drawing the pitchnotes intor the sequencer?
    is this possible?
    do i have got to set the virus up different or something?
    thx alot and have nice day

  • If you're talking about the FL studio pitch bend notes, those only work with the built in FL studio sampler and some of the stock FL synths. It's a proprietary thing, and not part of the VST spec, so it's not something that other plugins will implement (Virus Control included).

    If you want the same effect what you want to set the virus patch that you want to effect on to mono and then change the mono mode to legato and turn up the portamento time (can't remember what mono mode regular legato is, but it should tell you in the virus manual) then when you want a slide just make the tail end of one note overlap the start of the note you want it to slide to (we're talking regular notes here not the FL studio slide stuff)