Virus TI2 Patch change glitching? (OS 5.1.7)

  • Hi; My TI2 has a regular glitch when changing patches. The + button often wont register but then a 2nd press registers 2 presses at once.

    (And so it skips patches often)

    I assumed it was a dirty contact inside, but using the same button for value changes in patch editing doesn't seem to have this behavior.

    Has anyone else had this? And fixed it?


  • In first , try this (to empty the TEMP memory completely):

    - Turn off the TI, unplug the power.

    - Plug it back in.
    - Turn on the TI with “EDIT” (to the left of ARP ON): it will not erase anything, but will automatically jump you to the “ROM-A 0” bank.

    And, in 2th:

    CONFIG / Go to “System 5/5” / Navigation “By Parameter” (and not By Page)

  • I need more time to test this.. but I followed your instructions and somehow it's not happening anymore. I don't understand what I changed, but thanks!

    It seems like I need to press 2x (or prob just a little harder) for it to register, but this makes sense if it's an old/dirty button. But the double registering is fixed apparently.


  • In the ARP section - hold down the edit button whilst plugging your virus in.

    No idea why it's suddenly behaving itself though ???

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