Are all mod wheels 'twisted'?

  • Hi all,

    I've noticed on all my Virus to a greater or lesser degree that the mod wheels are not straight. That is that they run out of parallel with the cut outs in the case.

    This is far worse with my white polar than the others but they all run out to some degree.

    I stripped the polar only a few days ago and whilst in there removed the housing with the mod wheel and pitch bend but couldn't see an easy way to resolve the issue. In fact I couldn't see an easy way to remove the mod wheel at all.

    Any advice on how to remove the mod wheel from it's housing and straighten it up would be greatly appreciated!

    I did see that there was a nut on the pot shaft but I don't have a spanner slim enough to get on there if indeed that is the way to remove it.

    I can only think that the shaft from the pot must be at an angle. Maybe the pot isn't sitting parallel in the housing? It's a small detail but I'm a fussy beggar!

    abraxa any ideas my friend?



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