Virus Ti2 as FX and Filterunit

  • I am trying to use my Ti2 desktop as FX unit and i am running into an issue. Using the Ti on USB. Cubase10.5 win10.

    Sending a stereo output from my soundcard (RME FF 802 FS) into the Ti inputs.

    on the Ti:

    Patch utility choice: 2 outs/no input Surround output: off. FX-1 input: mode: static input L+R, atomizer off.

    The Ti is outputting and i can apply/hear the effects and filters but there is a huge timing issue. Out of sync, running this opportunity useless.

    The strange thing is: the sound of the audiofile i proces starts about half a bar before the actual audiofile starts en the sound stops also about half a bar before the end of the visible end of the file.

    Using the trackdelay setting in Cubase does not help/work, even in the extreme settings (+/- 818 m sec) the half bar early/late issue stays the same. Anyhow there seems to be no reaction to the use of trackdelay setting in Cubase, I cannot get it in sync. There seams to be a read ahead something going on.

    Is this a USB issue and should i take the usb off and just use the analog outs?

    That would be a pity since i a prefer to use the Ti with the vst for easy patchmanagement.

    Any help very appreciated

  • To finalize my conclusions about this experiment: the fx are not sounding very good this way and the filters do not add an accent i like

    Conclusion (according to my taste of course, other users may have different opinion): the Ti as fx/filter unit is not something special.