Can't take this anymore... (Samples insnide)

  • What firmware version and what VC OS are you using? I listened to your samples. Is it on all patches? Is it only when you turn on Logic? I actually have an issue where Ableton Live was doing that, but I would keep my Virus on and just quit Live and then restart Live and then everything works great!

  • P.S. This is all via USB.

    Ionis- Latest firmware and OS. I only use the TI w/ Logic & yes it's on all patches.

    Marc - It exclusively happens only during playback. However, if it's playing back, messing up & buzzing, and I play a note on any patch, then all the buzzing will stop and everything will sound normal.

    I'm not an expert here, but I'm have a feeling it's some sort of syncing problem between the machines. For instance, when I set the TI up to output thru audio outs instead of the USB this problem never happens. So I've tried different USB cables, different USB ports on different computers and it the problem wit still happen sometimes.

  • An Apogee Rosetta 200 into a Symphony 64 PCI-E card. I've experimented with plenty of different buffers. Currently it's set @ 256
    P.S. Remember that it happens intermittently. Sometimes it goes on streaks for minutes/hours of never having this problem; other times it continuous

  • This is exactly what happens to me since Logic 9.1. I documented it in this forum with quite similar mp3 examples.

    Marc asked me to contact support, but they weren't available until now. I just came back home myself and gonna send my e-mail again today.

    The problem does NOT occur in Logic 9.0.x for me. I use an RME Fireface 800 and found two workarounds for Logic 9.1.x:

    - Before staring playback, select the Virus TI track that is going to play. The problem only occurs for me if other tracks are selected when playback starts, e.g. an audio track.


    - Set the buffer to 128 or higher.

    The latter doesn't seem to work for you, but it does for me. However, I got used to 64 samples buffer, and everything always worked nicely until Logic 9.1. So I'd like to have this kind of performance back, please... :D

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  • do you use vc or standalone?
    have you tested virus as sound card?
    and also try playback your virus without vc or usb mode....
    install again your os maybe it works...

    I use VC. I've used it as a soundcard (sucessfully). I've installed the OS dozens of times; it's always had the problem

    I've had this problem since 8.whatever, but I'll try selecting the track that's going to play.

    P.S. This rather annoying senario will also happen sometimes:
    1. RECORDING MIDI data using a TI patch.
    2. The virus TI has a different part selected.For instance: I'm recording midi to part 16, but the TI has part 1 selected.
    3. A random (and LOUD) note will get played w/ the sound of the part the TI has selected.

    Anyone experience this one? If I could eliminate these two problems my life would be heaven :thumbup:

  • I have found (though running through MIDI cables),
    that my MOTU 8x8 XT would lock up SysEx info an create all sorts of noise.
    It wouldn't really happen in standalone.
    A simple power down on both resets the glitch.

    P.S.- This only happens after hours of stand-by

  • For me, a rollback doesn't help anyway. On my system, it has something to do with Logic 9.1.x handling the whole TI thing, I guess.

    My advice would be to use Logic 9.0.2 with projects that use the Virus TI (9.0.2 is not overwritten by an update to Logic 9.1.x, so keep it!). That works perfectly here: The problem persists with TI OS 3, but not on Logic 9.0.2.

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  • i guess me saying that i'm using logic 9 (in all variations) on a daily basis and i do not have this problem will not help anybody but maybe it would encourage you to answer the question i've posted earlier on: what are your systems/platform details?

    i need to know:

    - MacOS version
    - Logic version
    - Apple hardware details
    - Audio hardware details
    - is this happening with the tutorial song for you?

    cheers, marc

  • Sure, but I also sent this to support:

    - 10.6.3
    - Logic 9.1.1 and 9.1
    - does NOT happen on 9.0.2
    - RME Fireface 800, 64 Samples Buffer
    - does NOT happen on 128 or 256 samples buffer, but under 9.0.2, 64 samples never were a problem: I love it and I need it like that!
    - MacPro 2006 QuadCore, 2.66 GHz, 5 GB of RAM

    Tutorial song: I don't know, and I don't feel like looking for this song. I just created an empty (!) project in Logic 9.1.1. It contains one track for the Virus plug-in and one software instrument track without (!) any software instrument on it. So it's basically a song with VC and nothing else. When I record something with ANY patch whatsoever on the VC track and play it back while the empty track is selected, the Virus' audio gets messed up. If instead I select the VC track, the playback is fine even under 64 samples of buffer. It seems as if the VC doesn't get the correct amount of processing power if the VC track is not selected.

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