I can't hear my virus tracks after bouncing the project...

  • If you're using something like FL Studio (guess?), then it renders MP3's etc quickly, and the synth effectively 'can't keep up' ... (simplisticaly put) ... so (as someone said above) you have to render 'real time'

    Some DAW's can do this - but I know FL can't ... you've got 2 options for FL

    1. Insert an "Edison" in the Master, start record and play your tune in RealTime ... save as .wav (the new version, 9.1 which is due out 12/04/10, has "Save As MP3" in Edison) ... this solution will do you if you are just wanting to export a quick 'rough cut' of your mix

    2. When you're 100% happy with everything and want a proper export, bounce down your Virus tracks to .wavs in your DAW ... then export as normal.

    Hope that helps ... sorry if you don't have FL, it's just I came across this very thing very recently :)

    It may just be a case of rendering in realtime if you are using something else.

    Good luck,


    DAW: FL Studio 9.1
    OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
    CPU: Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz
    Mobo: Asus PEe
    RAM: 8GB DDR2 @ 800MHz
    Monitor: Dual Sumsung 223bw
    GPU: ATI HD 3870 x2
    Audio: MoTU UltraLite mk3
    Monitoring: Genelec 8020a
    Midi Controller: Edirol PCR-500
    Hard Synths: Virus Ti2 K/B, Tetra4, Mopho K/B
    Fav VSTi's: Omnisphere, Trilian, RMX, Kontakt4
    Microphone: sE2200a

  • hi, thanks for your answer but I'm using logic pro 9 ... I own a virus TI desktop which is plugged to my mac via usb and as I said before, everytime I bounce a project, (in mp3) , I only hear, the vocals and the beat, the instruments "dissapear"...
    any ideas???

  • I found half of the problem, I bounced my track "offline" I tried real time , and it worked. But there's still a little problem, and I wanna ask logic pro 9 users . how to "bounce in place" a virus track, 'cause everytime I do it, a new audio file appears, but the region is empty, no sound at all, no waveforms ....
    thanks for your help

    grtz from france ^^

  • That's why I asked you about realtime and offline. You can only bounce the TI using realtime. Bounce in place is offline and you will indeed have a silent region. You need to use the bounce function set to realtime, period. If you want to bounce individual parts of the TI, solo them in Logic and then bounce realtime and check the add to audio bin option so they are in your project. If you find all the TI parts are being soloed upon soloing a single track, go into your preferences, audio, general and set Track Mute/Solo to CPU -Saving(slow response).

  • Hi

    As much as I love virus ti. The 2 reasons that I am going to be selling it soon is because the terrible sync issues and you cannot do a bounce in place like VSTi/AUs plug-ins. The fact that there is not offline audio bounce support makes working with this beast difficult.

    Hopefully this feature will be applied in future upgrades and the sync issue with arp/lfo will be fixed.


  • Personally I never bother to bounce when capturing audio. You can only do it realtime with external synths so what's the point? There isnt one IMHO. So with both my Virus Ti and my X6 I record the parts down. It means I end up with a MIDI track and an audio track for each part but its not like that's going to tax any DAW. :)

  • It means I end up with a MIDI track and an audio track for each part but its not like that's going to tax any DAW. :)

    Once you have your audio track, in Logic if you mute the MIDI regions as opposed to the MIDI tracks then it's not going to take up any CPU at all. ;)

  • All keyboard requires you to use online bounce may it be a Nordlead, Roland, Korg etc. That's how it was done back in the 80's with MIDI and still is till today. Imagine having 20 keyboard parts and we need to bounce all sound to a 2 inch tape "online"..hahaha

    Virus TI is using the USB as a connection like MIDI and with the ease of the TI plugin, it helps us users to navigate preset sounds faster and sound tweaks with the TI plugin.

    I wouldn't sell the Virus just because we can't bounce offline, not for this reason.

    I do agree that the sync arp issues still needs attention but hopefully it get fixed soon.


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    Logic Pro X 10.2, OSX Yosemite, Motu Ultralite,
    Access Virus TI Desktop []

  • who said it was? :) Of course you mute them otherwise you have them both playing lol ;)

    Yeah, I was making the distinction between muting the the regions rather than the tracks because if you mute the tracks then everything in the channel strip is still having to process the signal - taking up precious CPU resources. :)

  • What other hardware synths allow you to do offline bounces?

    As far as I know non. Then what is the point of having a VSTi/AU plugin if it is not going to work like a virtual synth, get my point?

  • Well Access might as well just have an EDITOR like the 80s synth, hence drop the Total Integration, since really this is not total integration.

  • Using my synth like the 80s and 90s slows my work down. I guess for now I just have to stick to Virtual Synths and Plug Ins. Take Synapse Dune and Virus for Powercore. They do the job just as good as the Virus TI. And you can run as many instances you want. Dont get me wrong guys I love Virus and when I put this beast on sale I was almost crying. But since it dont do the job for me there is no point in keeping it. I hope somebody who appreciates it better then me could put it to good use.

    Cheers :rolleyes: