macbookpro i7 compatibility access virus control (solved)

  • Thinking of buying one of the new macbookpro. Anyone have any experience with this, comparability issues ?
    apparently on the 15 inch and 17 inch the usb port don't look separated,same bus for all the usb ports.
    so what happen with those new model of macbookpro 15 and 17 inch?
    i realise that i don't have the latest software for access, does it bring something different to work with the new architecture of those mac and imac without the need of the imac trick?
    thank you in advance for your answers

  • I have one of the new 15" i7 MBP's, working fine with VC here. At least as well as it was on my older 2.16 c2d MBP.

  • thank you,you're the first person i've heard who have a new Mbp.
    when you say "at least as well as it was on my older" what do you mean?
    did you had any limitation with your older one?
    limitation of number of tracks?of synchro?of latency?
    or you never had any trouble?
    i would love too the 15 inch,but want also the uad card and on this topic apple trapped me.
    if i want the uad i need to go for the 17 inch....a pain...

  • I've had very few issues at all since getting a new TI2 last year, Virus Control runs the same onthe new laptop as it did with the old one.

  • Some sync slop occasionally when using an Arp patch, but nothing that usually stops me from recording what I planned. Can't think what else I've run into off the top of my head, for me Virus Control has been working fine.

  • ok i see
    thank you
    i guess i will feel a real difference because i had also those problem of synchros with arp patch but my system is an old one
    i'm in G4 powerbook 1.67ghz
    i guess the new one will be a revolution but i really hope it will be enought. would love to make it run perfectly with my Ti2
    out of topic you will not be able to have some uad card by choosing the 15 inch
    i'm also in those consideration
    thanks again for your help