very strange fl studio issues

  • As far as I can remember these issues have been persistent since VC 3 and FL 8.5

    First off, whenever i hit play on the FL transport, it will automatically turn the audio input (on any channel in VC as far as I can tell) from any setting to off. It will do this in a brand new project so I know it has nothing to do with initialized controls. The really strange thing is, I tried this without VC, and without even the usb plugged in, and midi sync turned off on the midi output that was hooked into my virus and it still did it.. major WTF.

    It also does the exact same thing with the lfo offset amount on the unison settings.

    Also I'd say that the VC is in sync for about 2/3 of the time.

    I'm very frustrated, what is going on here?

  • It's hard to get a very clear idea of what you are experiencing, but, perhaps you have a template saved that it's loading?

    What device are you using to deliver the MIDI messages to the virus?

  • no it's not the template. i tried different ones.

    and it's an emagic mt4...

    it's doing the same thing if triggered by usb or midi.. i just don't understand what message fl studio could possibly be sending.. very strange.

  • this begins to sound like something you should approach access technical support with - just to make certain you should try loading up the tutorial project just so that you can say it does it with that, too. Also, if you have access to another computer, try it with that, too - if you can eliminate the computer, software and setup of FL then it only really leaves one thing...