Bus Powered Access Virus TI + NM G1 Available now!!!

  • hi everybody,

    In a nutshell, the combo is comprised of the following 3 main parts :
    1 Novation 25 key SL mkII
    1 Clavia Nord Micro Modular
    1 Access Virus TI Snow

    All parts have been soldered and mounted together inside the
    novation shell:

    the micro modular and the TI snow receive power from the fw800 bus.
    (you no longer have to plug them into the wall!)

    the [audio out] of the micro modular is hardwired to the [audio in]
    of the TI snow. I also left the four micro modular 1/4" jacks accesable
    so you can plug input the mm voncoder or output the raw mm signal.

    the midi ports of the micro modular are hardwired to the midi ports
    of the novation.

    All original Virus TI Snow and Nord Modular jacks are accessible
    from the back of the synth (as seen in photo 6)

    also as you can see from the photo 1 , the main virus volume knob is
    routed to the upper right hand corner.

    I also swapped out blue for red on the novation scribble strip.

    so in total the synth requires 3 cords/ports to operate:

    1 FW800 cable for power

    1 USB port for novation SL/mkII and micro modular

    1 USB port for the Virus TI Snow

    Also included are original cases and parts for the TI Snow and Nord
    Micro. (photo 10)

  • You didn't do a very good job on making the holes for it's audio/midi outs on the back of the device. :S

    I think i did a terrific job with the drill holes.. Id seriously like to see you do better.. honesty the only ones that look a little sloppy are the 2 holes for the midi.. which can still be cleaned up if it bothers you so much..

  • and no returns as well on ebay,
    i ll wait for the production model i think

    If you had any clue on how ebay is set up, you would come to the conclusion that you are not a "best buy" type of business. the only options ebay gives you are 30 day money back return or store credit no questions asked... neither of which work for this type of item.

    so, to answer your question further, I do guarantee that everything is 100% operational on delivery, and if something were to go wrong in the future, I would be willing to diagnose and fix it for a small hourly fee.

    there will be no "production" model as you assume.

  • Does not look great to me, sorry.
    Better get the items separately, save $$$ and keep warranty

    I am truely sorry my mod does not live up to your expectations... plenty of peeps have given me the the "thumbs up" on it so, to each his own really...

    pardon me for asking, but what have YOU c r e a t e d lately?

  • This is incredible stupid! Why would anyone do this?

    seriously, why are you such a hater? did your mother not love you enough as a child?

    or is it because I didnt put that pink unicorn light you requested to replace the lfo LED?

    seriously. get a life.. . I built this keyboard because I have one.. I Travel, I make music, I share.. I play on Function-One and Turbosound systems at outdoor festivals all the time.. I need my gear to fit in a book bag... its really a shame all you haters don't get out of your bedroom often enough to see the value of a synth you can travel with.

    btw i have never heard the term "incredible stupid", what exactly does that mean?
    did you come up with that all by yourself?

  • Same here mate :)

    I think this is a wicked Mod and you have my full respects wavesinspace

    Its people like your self with these WICKED mods that can change and shape the music industry, the problem is anything that is new to people is always going
    to have some harsh criticism attached to it......

    Its the same thing with all the new electric cars now, for a full diesel head or (Virus Ti enthusiast lol) an electric car is crap because to them its not a real car
    but it can revolutionize the way we think of cars becouse of its efficiency.

    Your a smart Man/Woman for making this Mod and people are just going to hate what they don't understand, believe me your smart enough to know this.

    I hope you Paten this design some how, what you should have done is introduced this to the big wigs at Access or N ovation before trying to sell this thing off.

    Hope it goes well for ya

    Peace :thumbup: