Mod Source Controller 3 ; 9 ; 12 ; 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16 in Matrix

  • Hi Infekted people

    I really don't understand that What Controller 3 ; 9 ; 12 ; 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16 are ? When i take them as Modulation source nothing happen ?
    Is that a numbers of Control Change ?
    Because a have 2 differents Remote midi control (Nanokontrol and Alesis Master Control). Both have that CC numbers : 3 ; 9 ; 12 ; 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16

    I take SOURCE > Controller 3 DESTINATION > Something that can be heard easely (OSC Pitch for Exemple). If i move CC 3 on Nanokontrol there nothing.

    I have no other problem with midi or normal controllers assignations. I can Saw everything ok in Ableton LIVE. Work normaly

    I Think i had missed an issue...

    C U SOON

  • First, check if there is MIDI communication at all: there should be a little "knob"-icon in the display, if controllers are being received.

    Also, check the setting in "CONFIG/MIDI Control": "Page A" should be set to "Controller Data" (not to "Sysex").

    Check that the "Amount" in the modmatrix is set to a reasonable value that can affect the destination (like "-64" to "Filter 1 Cutoff").


  • Thanks for your answer

    So I confirm i have normal MIDI communication with yellow light in top right of Live
    When i do midi learn affectation, i have CC 3 ok that i can assign it to all sources that i want.

    But when i take CC 3 in matrix as Source mod, i have still nothing happen

    When you said < Also, check the setting in "CONFIG/MIDI Control": "Page A" should be set to "Controller Data" (not to "Sysex"). >

    You mean in Korg editor kontrol ? I saw there, all are transmited via CC not Sysex

    Last thing of course i put amount of destination at top value + or -. Had also make several Tests :
    - Differents CC numbers 3 ; 9 ; 12 ; 13 ; 14 ; 15 ; 16 source with lots of diffrents destinations
    - Differents Slot in Matrix
    - etc.

  • Ok finally...

    I don't know if its the right way or if i found an hidden trick...

    I do SOURCE > Controller 3 DESTINATION > Never mind
    In Common I assign Controller 3 to Soft knob 1
    Then i assign Soft knob 1 to CC 3 by Midi learning in Live

    Someone can tell me if he do the same ?

  • Hi,

    the numbered controller you're talking about are definitely MIDI CCs. It's only a matter of configuring your MIDI controller (MIDI keyboard, or DAW) with the right number, and of course, as Marc said, telling the Virus to react to such messages by setting "Page A" to "Controller data" in the "MIDI Control" menu.

  • Hello,

    Hopefully this will help, I've been playing with two pedals attached and have had to relearn this stuff recently.

    Each continuous controller is numbered (1? - 127), some are named.
    1 = mod controller
    2 = breath
    4 = data

    I don't remember if 0 is used or not.

    3, 9, 12, 13, 14, etc. are just the ones that don't have standard names.

    You can re-number the inputs (mod - > controller 3, control pedal #1 -> controller 9, hold pedal -> controller #12 for example) in one of the pages in the Control menu.
    I've set mine to: MOD, Breath, and #3. I edit patches as I find them to use these three. It rocks to be able to modulate sounds in three or more dimensions!!!

    If you have your Virus hooked up to a second keyboard feeding it via MIDI, you can configure your other keyboard's controllers as other numbers and add more dimensions of modulation.

    John G.