192khz 24bit USB

  • The specs says that the DA converters are 192khz / 24bit.
    In reality the analog outputs sound much better then the USB connection
    My projects are 96khz 32bit float and the TI doesn't work above 44.1 .
    it will be nice to be able to use the TI inside my cubase5 at 96khz.
    in order for me to use the nice vst plugin of the TI with the sample accurate timing and delay compensation i got to plug it to another computer with another cubase sequencer
    and use the analog outs.
    then record it back to my main Sequencer.
    which is not as fun as having all in one computer/ sequencer.

    So my request:
    1. Make the plugin work up to 192khz 32bit (USB MODE) with all the nice sample accurate timing which works great today at 44,100
    2. Make the plugin work with sample accurate timing and Delay compensation with the analog outs and use the USB just to control the TI, don't transmit audio.

  • It's impossible to give the analog outs the sample accurate timing that the usb outs have because the virus has no control over any latency caused by your host or your audio interface. You'll just have to set up delay compensation like you would with any other hardware synth..

    The reason the USB outs run at 44.1 is because of bandwidth restrictions, 192 would contain significantly more data, and you likely would only be able to squeeze one out running at that sample rate through the USB on the virus.

  • Also the DA converters play no role in the USB outs at all. The virus is a virtual analog so everything it's doing is already digital (unless you're feeding it audio via the inputs on the back of course) so it's the digital signal that's coming straight from the DSP on the virus that you hear through the USB outs, it's not even touching any converters.

    the DA converters are ONLY used when you use the analog outs.