Any recommended effects units for the virus

  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is many Virus users running their sounds through either the Eventide H8000 or 7600. Are these units also at a high level of intricacy of sound design to the programming level of the Virus?

    Is it worth the $4000 for the 7600 or $6000 for the H8000 for intricate effects? Programming-wise if one is a Virus fan? Because this is very expensive to pay for effects units.

    I know Virus Users must love effects since the virus obviously has may of them also acting as an effects processor. But are Virus users generally also recommended to buy any of these effects units? Or is there different reccommended effects units more suitable to the Virus sound if i want to run the Virus sound through them. (or other sounds to be very crazy)

    Because the Kore ones are nice, but I would never use them for live usage because I never do any thing based off laptop computers for live. All of it is real equipment. I even I have an $800 rackmount Denon mp3 player. (I was the first in my country to buy one).


  • The H8000FW is the best effects processor out there, in my opinion. It is very deep and intricate; if you choose to program your own effects, it will keep you busy for a lifetime. I prefer the 8000 over the 7600 because it has more inputs & outputs. Both are amazing, though. The Eventide Eclipse is also really good, but not really close to the H8000.

    The Fractal Audio Axe Ultra is also an excellent effects processor that is more geared towards emulating stompboxes and guitar amps/cabs. It features chorus', delays, distortion, etc. It is priced between the Eclipse and the H8000. It's pretty awesome, too.

    To be honest, though, I find the Virus effects to be amazing; especially the distortion. I prefer the Eventide chorus and pitch shifting effects, but I like the distortion on the Virus better. We only use the Eventide on analog synths (which have limited internal effects) and vocals, really.

  • Agree with everything Leverage said.

    The Virus already has an amazing FX section, but that doesn't stop me from running it through the H8000's Dimension D emulation or a multitude of pitchshifters :thumbup: The machine is so deep, it'll take you a couple of years to explore it. While, I haven't bothered with the modular programming on the H8000 (due to very basic computer interface), it opens up a whole new universe. Send a simple saw wave through the Eventide Black Hole algorithm and you'll be lost in space forever :thumbup:

    You could also look at the TC Electronics Fireworx.