Whats the most modern sounding converter to match the sound of my virus?

  • I notice that the sound of the virus is very deep and modern.... does anyone know which A/D converter for recording other stuff comes closest to the color of the virus? So I can have a more consistent sound to the virus when I record other things

    Maybe not as rounded, but what I mean to ask is - what is the most modern sounding A/D converter out there which has a similar very 3 dimensional sound of a hyper-synthetic quality like my virus TI? Because my rosetta 200 is too vintage sounding. It sounds very 60s and a little washed out when i record my electric guitar, and vocals, etc.. not much different character than the converters in my-m-audio project mix, (although better for sure), but I need a more modern sounding A to D converter with a more deeper 3D sort of hi-fi sort of synthetic sound like the Virus so that anything I record is more consistent with the Virus.

    So I obviously need a more suitable converter to have more consistent sound with that very artificial sort of modern vibe of my Virus. What A/D converter should I go with for that very extremely synthetic big 3D sound? Because the Rosetta is simply not doing it.

    Is there some converter I can buy for under $3000US that will give me the proper color I am looking for? (Rosetta enthusiasts dont understand - they keep telling me it has a very musical color - but they do not understand its the wrong color and not synthetically 3D enough... and also not hi-fidelity enough. Can I do it for 2000? How about 1000?

    I was referred to RME, but are those not too sterile?

    And which condenser microphone is best for this colored modern sound too? To also make vocals sound colored. A tube mic?