Sync oscillators to "note on" event [SOLVED]

  • You can tweak the trigger phase and the 'punch' of oscillators - I havent checked them out on a scope, but I'm pretty sure that is what they are there for... That and not having the attack on 0...

  • its good that both of you pointed this out, it took me a while to figure out what the Phase Init knob did, I was still learning synthesis when I got my first virus in 2007 (still have lots to learn in fact)

    The main reason it took time for me to figure it out was simply because I overlooked it, purely because I didn't understand it and was too young (17) and naive to read it lol!!

    always wondered why I kept hearing clicks and pops at the beginning of my fast attack (trance) sounds such as my TB style midi sequenced patterns!!!!

    and yes I still wondered what use it was by setting the Phase Init knob at 62 for example, I still never read into the phase init knob in the manual, because I just figured it out the basic function of the knob myself and left it at that :P